9 Potential Causes Of Depression

9 Potential Causes Of Depression Do you have depression? There’s a good chance that it’s yes, statistics
show. But have you ever wondered why? If this is a question that has plagued you
for a while, maybe we can help you find out the answer. Today, we’re going to look at some of the
causes of depression and possibly help you find out what causes your specific depression. But first, before we begin this video, don’t
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so you never miss our new videos! Because we care about you and want to do anything
we can to help you get through this difficult time. Alright, so let’s jump right into it. Depression is a serious issue and it has long
been studied by universities and colleges but the exact cause of depression is still
to be determined. However, we have some educated ideas about
what might cause the mental disorder. According to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION,
an estimated 350 million people around the world suffer from depression. A guest writer at the Huffington Post named
JOHANN HARI described the potential deeper causes of depression. The story begins with Dr. Vincent Felitti’s
clinic in the 1980s. His practice was known to be one of the last
places for extremely obese people to visit. His office was long regarded as the place
for people in the most severe stages of obesity. Within his program, many people were able
to shed incredible amounts of weight and regain a healthy lifestyle. But he noticed that the people who lost the
most weight very often went into a ‘brutal depression, or panic, or rage. Some of them [even] became suicidal.’ Dr. Felitti couldn’t understand the problem
until he spoke to a 28-year-old woman. In less than a year, 51 weeks, the woman went
from a whopping 408 pounds to 132 pounds. But suddenly, she put on over 40 pounds in
a couple of weeks and before long she regained all her weight back and was above 400 pounds
once again. When Dr. Felitti talked to her, she said that
when she was obese, men wouldn’t be interested in her but after she lost all that weight,
she began to incur the interest of the opposite sex and being unaccustomed to the attention,
she would flee from the interaction and gorge herself on food. As the conversation unraveled, Dr. Felitti
asked the woman when she began to compulsively eat and the woman said at the age of 11. When Dr. Felitti began to probe, he found
out that this was the age when her grandfather began molesting her. Dr. Felitti later found out that of the 183
people in his program, 55 percent of the people there had been sexually abused as a kid. One woman said: ‘overweight is overlooked,
and that’s the way I need to be.’ DR. FELITTI said: ‘what we had perceived as
the problem ― major obesity ― was in fact, very frequently, the solution to problems
that the rest of us knew nothing about.’ This prompted Dr. Felitti to launch a research
program that was funded by the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION. He discovered that there was a direct correlation
between childhood trauma and the risk of adult depression. If a child had seven categories of traumatic
events then they were 3,100 percent more likely to commit suicide as an adult! (With an additional 4,000 percent higher chance
of being an injecting drug user.) But the research found out that just by discussing
the childhood trauma there could be a huge reduction in medical care. Johann Hari wrote for the HUFFINGTON POST,
saying: ‘Just being able to discuss the trauma led to a huge fall in future illnesses
― there was a 35-percent reduction in their need for medical care over the following year. For the people who were referred to more extensive
help, there was a fall of more than 50 percent.’ And, as DR. ROBERT ANDA put it: ‘it’s time to stop
asking what’s wrong with them and time to start asking what happened to them.’ Wow, that was really heavy. However, keep in mind that childhood trauma
isn’t the only thing that causes depression. Like, what if you haven’t gone through any
childhood trauma and still feel really depressed all the time? Don’t feel guilty, there are plenty of other
reasons as to why you may feel depressed. So in order to answer the question “what causes
depression?” we’re going to go through a couple more causes and who knows, maybe you’ll find
yours. 1) Genetics And Biology. This might be the hardest one to cope with
because you could have the best of lives, but because it’s in your genes, you have to
live with depression. According to VERY WELL MIND: “twin, adoption,
and family studies have linked depression to genetics.” Also, they have found that having a sibling
or a parent with depression also increases your risk factor. This kind of thing can be hard for families
to talk about, but if you’re afraid that you’re suffering from the mental illness, try talking
to your mom, dad, sister, brother or any other family member about it. You never know what you’ll discover, and what
you two (or more than two) can do to combat this awful affliction. 2) Brain Chemistry Imbalance. This is one of the most popular believed causes
of depression. VERY WELL MIND has a great article where they
explain how depression is caused by an imbalance in the neurotransmitters, at least the ones
that are involved in mood regulation. Essentially, these neurotransmitters are what
help the different parts of your brain “talk” to each other, and when they’re in short supply,
most of the time you’ll find yourself experiencing symptoms of depression. Try talking to a doctor about this and maybe
you can get them to check on your brain. The science is still a little wonky, but they
can do their best to try and diagnose you. 3) Female Reproductive Hormones. It’s hard enough being a woman. You have to deal with menstruation, pregnancy
and now, you’re apparently twice as likely to suffer from depression according to a study
done by expert NANCY SCHIMELPFENING. And because the cases of depression peak during
your reproductive years, experts and researchers are starting to believe it’s due to your hormones. Let’s look at all the times when your hormones
are at their worst: menstrual period, childbirth, and perimenopause. Those are also coincidentally when your risk
of depression goes up. Well, it’s not really much of a coincidence,
it kind of just sucks. Speak with your medical professional and see
what they can do about it. Unfortunately, there might not be much. 4) Circadian Rhythm Disturbance. Wow, that’s a lot of words. Here, we’ll call it by it’s more popular name:
seasonal affective disorder. Essentially, when your “circadian rhythm”
is disturbed (hence the name) you’ll be more depressed. VERY WELL MIND explains it perfectly: “Light
entering the eye influences this rhythm, and, during the shorter days of winter, when people
may spend limited time outdoors, this rhythm may become disrupted”. So, if you live in a colder climate and find
yourself getting very depressed during the winter months, you may just be affected by
this disorder. 5) Poor Nutrition. If you’ve got a low amount of certain vitamins,
this might be causing your depression. Which vitamins, you ask? Luckily, BEYOND BLUE has a helpful list of
diets who might be affected more often by depression for us: “[those that are] low in
omega-3 fatty acids or with an imbalanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 are associated
with increased rates of depression. In addition, diets high in sugar have been
associated with depression.” Either you’ll want to cut down on the sugar
or up your intake of those types of vitamins. Our advice if you can’t find foods with omega-6
to omega-3: take supplements. 6) Serious Medical Illness. It’s not just the pain and suffering that
is caused by your illness, but the stress and anxiety that comes with it as well that
could be causing your depression. Also, you can get depression from a family
member, friend or loved one who has a serious medical illness. Sicknesses can be hard for all of us, and
we need to stick together to get through them. 7) Personality. Unfortunately, your depression can be caused
by something as little as your personality. BEYOND BLUE helps us understand what kinds
of people might be affected the most, specifically: “those that worry a lot, have low self-esteem,
are perfectionists, are sensitive to personal criticism, or are self-critical and negative”. Of course, any personality can suffer from
depression, it’s just these people that tend to suffer from it more often. 8) Drugs And Alcohol. Finally, drug and alcohol abuse is one of
the leading causes of depression. In a study done by BEYOND BLUE, they found
out that “Over 500,000 Australians will experience depression and a substance use disorder at
the same time, at some point in their lives.” The link is between the two is fairly evident. Our advice: if you use either of them as a
crutch, seek help. You may not think it, but there are a lot
of people out there who care about you and want to see you get better. And that concludes our video. We’re sorry we couldn’t be our fun loving,
wacky selves during this video, but depression is a real serious issue. If you’re having trouble coping, please make
sure to visit a medical professional or in the very least, talk to some one that you
love. Heck, if you feel comfortable, please share
your stories in the comments section below, whether it be words of encouragement or an
experience you want to get off your chest. Maybe someone out there will read it and you
can help them not feel so alone.

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  1. If you feel comfortable, please share your stories in the comments section below, whether it be words of encouragement or an experience you want to get off your chest. Maybe someone out there will read it and you can help them not feel so alone. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Luckily I neither had any childhood trauma nor any genetical traits responsible for depression…but still at times I do go through
    serious depression….the cause for this terrible state of mine is overthinking according to my analysis….any other friend here like me???😀

  3. My depression was mainly caused by circumstances in my life that were incompatible with happiness. It has kind of been a snowball effect.

  4. I have severe depression and PTSD, I was horribly mentally and emotionally abused from the time I was about 3. My dad was an alcoholic and my mother an enabler. I still suffer from depression but I am going to a psychiatrist now and starting to get better. This video had some great information. Thanks for posting this.

  5. I've had depression for 27 years and still go to therapy and take meds. When my dad died when I was 10 and losing my mom 5 years later made me depressed. Both wasn't there to see me graduate high school, college, get married and see their grandchildren makes me sad. I'm 37 now, having friends and family members, including my husband who still have their parents around makes me sad, but I'm lucky to have my 87 year old grandma, (who raised me after my mom's death) and my mother-in-law to go to if I needed advice.

  6. I suffer from severe depression have been for nearly 10 years. What cause me to suffer from depression is what happen back in late June of nearly 10 years ago. When I lost my beloved idol. Before what happen to him. I was one of the world's most biggest MJ fans you could ever want to meet. He was everything to me. But ever since what happen to him. I started to suffer from severe depression. In fact in the first month without him. I lost about 50 pounds. Because eating was literally the very last thing I had wanted to do. Then over time I really put the weight back on. Since I started to turn to food for comfort. But now I am trying to lose the weight since I am the size of a house. Not only do I still suffer from depression. I also suffer from really bad anxiety and panic attacks. If I so much as to see, hear, or read anything that has to do with MJ. Not only that I also have suffer from severe insomnia ever since what happen to him. And it is very good that I have insomnia. Because I won't have those very upsetting vivid nightmares. That I been having on and off ever since then. And I am still haunted by the ones I had from back then.
    But what helps me handle my depression is the following 4 things:

    My Christian religion. Before suffering from depression I consider myself a long time atheist. But ever since I stared to suffer from depression. Forcing myself to go back to my Christian religion is one of the very first things I did. I had to since that was what MJ was.

    Another thing that has helped me is my obsession for video/computer games. And before my depression. I was never in to video/computer games like I am now. I prefer reading books and concentrate on being a devoted Michael Jackson fan. Over playing video/computer games. Now it is the complete opposite for me. Now I very rarely read books. And for obvious reasons 99.5% of my MJ fandom is practically on life support. Playing video/computer games is the only thing that would help take my mind off of him. Well most of the time any way.

    My huge love for all things related to astronomy, the unexplained, and the paranormal.

    And my obsession for all things related to country of India. Most especially their movies and music. I am an American and I am so obsessed with Bollywood movies and Indian music now. That I literally forever sworn off all Hollywood movies. And I am so very thankful that I discover Bollywood back in 2005. Because I really would be dead now. If it weren't for my Bollywood obsession and my Christian religion. Because I was 3 times suicidal during that first horrible year without him. 3 times I had that butcher knife in my hand.

    As for my family that is a huge massive joke. I always did have an uncaring, non understanding, and unsupportive family. And because of that I always have to hide my depression from them. I even remember my mother threaten me during that first month or so without him. She told me that I better snap out of my depression or else. Ever since then I had learn to hide my depression from them. Because my mother alone does not get of why I am constantly always needing video/computer games all of the time. I told her so many times of why I need them. But she still doesn't get it. But my mother is just so very thick headed. And the only real friends I ever have is myself, my 2 cats, my fresh water fish, my stuff animals, video games, my books, and the sims in my Sims games. I really don't know what I would do without them in my life. Most especially my video games and my Sims games.

  7. I think the PTSD I have as a result of being raised by an alcoholic mother could be the reason behind my undiagnosed depression. When I do suffer from depression, I actually don't eat at all. I'm never hungry when I'm depressed, but I eat like a pig the rest of the time when I'm not dealing with my depression.

  8. Several are on the list, but unlisted is circumstances . I swear I have vile luck & have been cursed at some pt somehow. I used to have an incredible life until just 1 fam member passed away. It's been downhill since & has been almost 10 yrs ago. .___.

  9. Every1, plz… PLZ get & stay well as best as u can. 😞 Depression is much more serious than what it's made out to be. There are depression chats online & ppl w so much similar pains. May ur support start & grow. ♥ 💐

  10. I think main cause off depression is not following your own way and dreams but others. No matter why. It's soul tears.

  11. My overcoming of depression made me realise the capabilities of human beings. It’s scary and inspirational. My heart and soul goes out to all those going through depression 🙏🙏

  12. I don't have depression I have suicidal thoughts… I fell like people will be happy if I hurt myself… I feel like my teacher and others will be happy if I die… I want to kill myself but every time I think about it I just randomly think about the people who really love me then I think about my grandma that passed away and I think if I die I can see her again… Idk how to tell my parents about this…the least you guys can do is write something nice to me

  13. I have seasonal depression and in the past clinical depression. Most of my life since I was eight. A lot of factors played into the situation with me. I am now 53 and yes I still have depression it has it’s ups and downs. But through spiritual prayer and doing things that make me happy and mentally free I have gotten a lot better. Thanks for making this video I do appreciate it. Be blessed all.

  14. "Be more depressed" is not a prober sentence because DEPRESSION IS NOT A MOOD! It is not an ajdective! It is more complex than that.

  15. My depression is caused by my mother and brother and sister who constantly put me down and I wish to have nothing to do with them any more I have 5 kids off my own and support them in everything they do and will as long as I live

  16. I would love you help to restructure your video. Studies are clear: childhood and environment cause depression. You proved this with your video. Trauma is subjective and normalized.All of it is treatable to stability. Le'ts do a positive parenting video? Gina Herd, LCSWR

  17. Even through out the day,Im only motivated and happy for like 5 minutes and after, i feel empty.

  18. I had depression ( disthymia) for 28 years. I got it when I began to go through puberty. Why would puberty cause depression?

  19. I've got depression because my friend got anorexia an I was very worried about her and after I've got depression she pushed me away and it's getting worse.

  20. Mine depression starts when I started 1st grade people did not want to talk to me everybody ran away from me when I came to them it made it hard to find friends then 2nd grade year that was the time bullying got serve for me everybody bullied me by the time I got in 3rd grade people still bullied me and called me names my parents argue a lot and my brother kept on hitting me and trying to get me dead then I got mad because the way my parents treated me by 4th things became better I did not get bullied and brother started being nice to me and not killing me people stopped calling me names but I still had problems with family yelling and arguing, some family died but the real problem was negative thoughts about myself that is my story I still have those problems today to.

  21. I am 13 and sad I don't know what the purpose Of life is and School makes it worse when i am sick i am so happy I hate school so mucg

  22. You are welcome.
    childhood trauma
    1) Genetics
    2) Brain chemistry imbalance
    3) female reproductive hormones
    4) seasonal affective disorder
    5) poor nutrition ( omegas 3 and 6)
    6) stress due to serious medical illnesses
    7) personality (worry a lot, low self esteem, sensitive to criticism, perfectionist, negative-minded)
    8) drug and alcohol abuse

  23. I was clobbered with ax fracturing my skull so I have Ptsd vertigo epilepsy hearing loss tinnitus facial paralysis and depression

  24. I’m always anxious and sad because I love my husband and daughter and family soooo much and I love being young. I’m getting older and time is going by to fast! Everyday I think about how fast time is going by and I over think everything and worry! It sucks! Wish I could just be happy and at peace and not fear and worry and enjoy all moments and just live in the moment!

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