6 Tricky Riddles Taken From Real Life! Brain Teasers With Answers

It’s your first day in a new place! On the doorstep of the police station you
see a very cute… talking cat. Welcome to your new workplace, detective! My name is Mr. Catson. We have heard about your unrivaled experience
in investigations! There are not enough people like you in our
city! Sit down and make yourself at home, this city
is full of secrets and mysteries! Don’t worry, we will start with the easiest
cases… What do you think, Detective? Too easy? Yes, you are a true professional! Turn the page, there is another interesting
case… Wow, seems like you’re smart enough to move to more complicated cases, Detective! You have now been tasked with investigating a real space crime! Let’s see how well you can do! The next two cases are very similar. Show off your abilities, detective! It seems that for you, detective, these tasks
are a piece of cake! Here is the final investigation for today! That was amazing, detective! You have solved all the riddles! But I definitely deserve a pat on the back! Mrrrr! Pat diligently, detective, tomorrow will be
a new day, which means new tasks and new riddles!

41 thoughts on “6 Tricky Riddles Taken From Real Life! Brain Teasers With Answers

  1. I love this channel even more recently because they finally give us all the answers! No more comments hopefully

  2. these riddles were kinda easy i am usally bad at riddles and never get them right but i manged to get a few right in this video

  3. That was a little hard but i solved all of the riddles the one that i kindda mest up is the space one
    But it is soo eazy if you got 1000IQ like me


  4. My mom said she was going to cut my phone time but I told her about it she loves it thanks keep making more πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  5. The last riddle warns car thieves that before they attempt a theft, they must first find a secure place to hide their targeted cars.

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