5 Types of Depressive Disorders

5 Types of Depressive Disorders Depression is a very misunderstood disorder People will tend to stereotype depression and make it seem as though you are typically sad all the time and hate the world But that is far from the truth Depression has sub disorders that will have different symptoms intensities and causes here are the different types of depression Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder If you tend to have continuous outbursts of temper either physical or verbal and it happens three times a week That is one of the symptoms for Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Other symptoms that you could experience are feeling sad or moody besides the anger three times a week or having severe outbursts. It’s more likely that you have this disorder if these symptoms have occurred for more than a year, or if the symptoms started before the age of 10 Another sub disorder of depression is major depressive disorder which can also be known as clinical depression Those with this disorder may have an episode for longer periods of time while others may only have had an episode once in their life People with MDD have the following symptoms for nearly a two-week span and it will usually arise everyday Feeling hopeless sad or numb; Decreased motivation for things that they used to like; Increased or decreased appetite which could lead to weight gain or loss respectively; Changes in sleep; Fatigue; Being unable to concentrate; Forgetfulness; Thoughts of death or suicide; Suicide attempts and self-harm. MDD can be mixed with different disorders like anxiety; melancholic features; catatonia; peripartum onset; psychotic features and seasonal patterns. Persistent depressive disorder also known as dysthymia is an ongoing depressive disorder the symptoms are not as clear as MDD, however the symptoms usually happen almost every day for two years in adults, and at least one year for children and adolescents The symptoms that go along with dysthymia are appetite change; change in sleep cycle; low energy; poor self-esteem; feelings of hopelessness; bad concentration; forgetfulness and lack of motivation Dysthymia can be mixed with other disorders just like MDD; it can also range in levels of severity Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is disabling approximately three to eight percent of women and no one can really figure out why The following symptoms occur during the menstrual cycle and a usual diagnosis would require at least five of the following symptoms to be present mood swings; increased sensitivity; feelings of hopelessness or being overwhelmed; anxiety; feeling tired and sluggish; a lack of interest in activities and insomnia or excessive amounts of sleep The disorder also has physical symptoms such as joint pain; bloating; weight gain; tender breasts and swelling This disorder will affect school, work and relationships Substance/medication induced depressive disorder. This disorder is present during the use of medication or during substance abuse Symptoms include irritability; Depressive episodes; bad temper; the sense of hopelessness and no interest or pleasure in anything These symptoms will occur when using the substance or win in withdrawal. Most people use drugs Or substances to feel better and will usually not notice the symptoms. They have for substance medication and use depressive disorder Depressive disorder due to another medical condition is another type of depression arthritis diabetes HIV Strokes viral infections and much more can cause you to have depression symptoms can include a persistent depressive mood lack of interest irritability and an elevated or expansive mood We hope this helps you out if you experience any of these symptoms Please see your doctor or find someone you trust to talk to especially if your symptoms persist Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our Channel

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  1. To build on our vision to make psychology accessible for everyone, we created a mini crash course on the different types of depressive disorders. Hope this helps clarify the different subtypes! If you guys want us to do more videos like this, let us know which topics you'd like us to cover! Also, we've partnered with better help to provide affordable online counselling. Check them out here: https://hasofferstracking.betterhelp.com/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=364 It's a referral code from us.

  2. Of course I'm fine even if I have every reason for a depression I'm so totally fine and thanks my surroundingsfor treating me like trash thanks I'm so fine really fine and really arrogant and selfish like my mother used to say back in the day I'm so totally fine don't worry about me at all.. AT ALL

  3. Youtube: recommends this
    14 year old girls: yeah I have all of those depression things I’m really depressed
    Also 14 year old girls: puts on non-waterproof mascara and puts eyes in water, takes a picture and posts it on snapchat saying “i’m depressed 😭”

    Depression isn’t a joke, you don’t just screw around with it and assume you have it.

  4. I have fallen into depression from bullying my mum's death and I've had depression for 2 years and I have ganed 5 pounds during depression

  5. There is me
    The soul
    The brain
    The head
    And then there is the mind
    Yea 5 different parts haha

    The brain is being overworked
    The mind is tired
    The soul is tired
    My head is tired
    And then me, I’ve been tired for a long time

  6. I-i dont k-know if i-i have depression..
    But heres the..stuff that..i .. think are the..symptoms..
    -i feel sad all the time.even if i try to be happy im sad..
    -i sleep early but i wake up late.. and always feel tired
    -i have some depressing thoughts ..
    -i feel worthless,useless and feel like a mistake..
    I dont know if these are symptoms..or.. its just me being dramatic like my parents said…

  7. I am not suffering with depression and if so i dont know for what … But i am suffering with apathy .. I suddenly lost my momentum and my skills and satisfaction on every thing .. Pls save .. I am a very joyfull boy but i dont what is happening with me .. Whenever i see to others i think that they are normal but i am getting detached .. I lost my balance … I cannot maintain anything smoothly… Pls encourage me

  8. I had most symptoms from almost all of the different types. Idk what to do. I don't like self diagnosing but I just don't know what to do

  9. i feel lost and stuck and i see my self in place of that drawing but i still dont know what to do with my self or life

  10. Cutting your self-

    Just a cut
    Just a scratch
    "What's with the marks?"
    "It was the cat."
    Just an excuse
    Just a lie
    "What's with the bracelets?"
    "Just fashion why?"
    Just a cut, a scar, a lie

    "Just one more,"

    Before you die..

  11. 1:23
    I have most of these
    The ones I don't have are weight change, thought of death, suicide and self harm (I'm terrified of death so hell no)

    edit: OOOOF 2:16
    I have all of those
    I really don't want to self diagnose but I also don't want to see a professional because I would have to tell my mom so I'll just try to pretend I never saw this

  12. does anyone ever just feel lonely? i feel like i’m just overreacting everyone only comes to me if they need me for something. i’m fine i have family, why am i so ungrateful?? why am i depressed? am i even really depressed?? my grades dropped, i haven’t been doing chores, i have been very tired a lot lately, i get home from school with huge headaches, i’m just being dumb over the dumbest thing ever, i cry for no reason but it’s like everyone hates me!? idk i think i’m just overreacting 😞

  13. I just saw ‘dysphoria’ and for super dysphoric. I’m trans btw so it came as a surprise that ‘dysphoric’ could be used in other terms.

  14. I think I’m depressed because I have most of the symptoms of MDD, but I’m too afraid to ask my parents for a diagnosis.

  15. 2 decades of low moods,sadness,loneliness,solitude,Introvertism,depression,negative dopamine(which is usual of Dopamine),neglect(such as emotional neglect),silence,borderline personality disorder,Neuropathy,social rejection

  16. I have a diagnosis for MDD… I dunno why but i just felt like i needed to tell someone, even if its just a youtube comment. I self harm and i was in the hospital for multiple suicide attempts…

    Nothings getting better.
    I'm losing hope…

  17. On all these videos they say please if you have any symptoms go see you doctor and I’m like 😭 I’m not telling my parents that I might be depressed

  18. Anxiety and depression are the by-product of the mixed economy (taxation, state-corporatism, etc). The hierarchical nature of leftist/statist political economy keeps people victimized, enslaved and riveted in position. Unable to escape, they cannot renegotiate their traumatic experiences and thus develop [ungodly] symptoms aka so-called psychosomatic disorders, mental illness, anxiety, bipolar, DID, schizophrenia, conversion disorder, mania, etc (all symptoms of PTSD/CPTSD or trauma). It's just common sense. The State, in bed with big pharma and big psychiatry (and the Universities), compartmentalize so-called mental illnesses in order to profit by creating drugs for each disorder (each symptom). It's one giant statist scheme.

  19. Idk if I’m depressed or it’s just a phase. I’ve been crying ever since 11pm yesterday and now it’s the next day at 1pm.
    I have bags under my eyes 🙁 idk what to do

  20. Depression is a fake disorder created to sell pills, it's just called being human. NO ONE fully understands the brain yet. Get real.

  21. I wanna die, I wish I was never born, I hate myself, I hate this world, I feel so lonely, I cut my arm

  22. Guys pls help I need to kill myself I'm so sick of this bs. I need a gun but my stupid country won't let me buy one. I'm too scared of the other methods because they seem unreliable and painful.

  23. I uh, I'm pretty sure I have one of those types of depression and it's only getting worse. I've talked to my mother multible times about it but she doesn't think it's a big deal and she won't take me to a psycologist. I also don't have money for the visits so I can't go alone. I might even need anti depressants at this point. What should I do?

  24. I’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and then at 23 I went crazy and was put in a mental hospital and diagnosed with schizoaffective depressive type.

    I don’t hear voices anymore and quit my medications.
    My heart has been feeling a bit heavy lately but yesterday I wrote Jesus a poem and prayed before bed.
    A wind came over me like a fan was flowing into my face, then I felt warm oil in my head.

    Im a drunk, smoker and porn addict but I want to find relief rather in Christ and he hasn’t left me. I’ve started to have faith that he loves despite me being a dirty sinner and have felt relief in praying and a joy in my heart.

    It almost feels good to hurt because that’s when I feel Jesus the most and like he won’t turn me away when I’m like that.

    The other night I prayed and Jesus came to me in a dream. He was dressed in white but not dressed in full glory as to not intimidate me, he knows me.
    And we were in a white platform and he was sitting in front of me looking at me with love, and behind him there was a beautiful sea of stars.
    He was there answering all my questions.

    My heart is hard and I don’t quite have the full fear of God in me, but Jesus is trying to conquer me with pure love and I feel my heart get tender which I never imagined.
    It’s crazy!

  25. I've been depressed for over a decade and I am only 28. Anxiety controlled me and that made me depressed, which led to overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings, which led to more anxiety. Over time I learned to control my anxiety and fears (not from medication) which helped my depression, but it still lingers. For anybody who is struggling with this problem I'd love to hear your take on it. I have advice and need advice❤

  26. The worst thing about it is that I also have ADHD so it is hard to realize what is causing me to not be able concentre because recently while my depression has gotten worse so has my focus and even though I am taking my adhd medicine I still have such a hard time focusing. But Idk if it is because I need to change to a different ADHD medicine or if it is because of depression.

  27. I’ve had depression since 7… it I got bullied at it at school, it honestly isn’t a joke I’ve hurt myself a couple of times, then I go to a therapist for my anxiety

  28. I'm not depressed but I'm not just sad either. I've been depressed 2 years back and came out of it and i know how it feels so I know this isn't depression but I don't know what it is either. I came to this video to understand what disorder I have and still don't have a clue. It's somewhere between depression and sadness. Like sometimes I wanna cry in the middle of the class but then just crack jokes the entire time. I don't know what's going on help lmao

  29. This has really helped me understand why I have sudden mood changes and feeling pain in my body for no exact reason. I thought that it was just a phase that teenagers go through but I have gained a lot of weight and I have been trying to exercise more but nothing I do seems to help… I'm highly self critical when it comes to my appearance and during school. My mind would always say things like, "you need to eat less" or "look at her, she's so much prettier than you. Lazy. No wonder your so fat" And worst of all, I don't know who to talk to… none of the people I am close to understands me. I don't know who to trust and I can barley recognize myself… but after watching this video. I finally know what I might have. PDD has all of the symptoms I felt for almost 3 years. I finally know that this is more than just depression!

  30. When your depression makes you can’t get out of bed and do anything which is painful as I constantly have ideas and things I want to do with my adhd, and the adhd fucks me with procrastination when I feel some motivation to move.
    Then because I’m not getting anything done, I begin to hyper focus(from adhd) on everything I do wrong, how lazy I look, how much my gpa is becoming ass and eventually get those wonderful panic attacks from my anxiety. This only sinks me further into depression as I loose hope for myself. And with being on the autism spectrum, trying to explain my experiences to people is extremely difficult, and I don’t want to seem like a burden or to be pitied, so I lessen how much this affects me.
    Btw I have being going to psychiatrists since I was like 8, so it’s not like my mom doesn’t care, but my disorders all go against each other, and trying to find medication for anxiety/depression is a mentally fucked up process

  31. I've been crying for half an our, I tried to pass away this moment by having a look on youtube, but youtube said "bruh let's recommend this shit to her"

  32. I have a lot of symptoms of mdd the only symptom I haven’t suffered from is suicide attempts (thank god) but I really wouldn’t say personally that I suffer from it. There are a lot of factors in life which can contribute to these things and I feel like searching for a ‘label’ isn’t the best way to deal with things. I feel like you should really try and focus on each challenge you may face one by one. And if it feels like your not getting any where or you simply feel like you can do that look for help from others. Family, friends whoever that might be.

  33. I've gotten really skinny I feel likes every one is not on my side. I hate things I know I love. I hate my self my self esteem? "what's that." I dont like myself at all I cant sleep I'm scared of everything my parents think depression is something not to worry about. My friends think I'm a drama queen. I cant talk to anyone.

  34. I'm depressed but I'm so used to appearing like nothing is wrong. I have a reason to be but feel like even if I wasn't in this predicament I would still be unhappy and that's what depresses me the most.

  35. I’m going to a therapist Tuesday , so are really helping me avoid showing any of this symptoms to it while we speak which I say thank you to.

  36. My friend keeps saying she’s depressed but she doesn’t have any of these symptoms, is their another disorder that she could have? If so, how can I help her?

  37. I’m just here trying to find out if I have depression or just trying a passive aggressive way to get attention for 3 years

  38. most these kids claiming it’s not a phase are going through a phase lmfao i feel like everyone goes through some “depressive” phase during middle school or maybe first year or two of high school lmao

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