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  1. I think a vlog would be great! Interesting! 😀 Dan, I have sensory issues when it comes to the textures of food. Do you have issues with food textures and what advice and/or thoughts do you have on this topic?

  2. I noticed you look away from the camera a lot in your videos, I was wondering if you use a script or is it just distractions or both? And hell yes, I would like to see a headphone review, that would be awesome

  3. i have anxiety and i struggle so much with loud noises the worst for me is kids screaming it hurts my ears so much, i also can't stand my partners deodorant he's using i struggle to sleep at night if i can smell it

  4. I carry a sprig of rosemary with me and smell that. It has a calming effect along with blocking out the bad smells.

  5. My biggest tip is to avoid places where I will get triggered. Or if it’s a place I have to go, like the supermarket, I go right when it opens, 6 am for my local market. Shop when nobody else is there. No screaming kids. Nobody bumping his cart into yours. Brilliant.

    Instead of noise canceling headphones, I do regular headphones with podcasts I enjoy while in public. I just focus on the words in my ears harder and harder when something is bothering me.

  6. I am just wondering have you tried vibes earplugs if how are they and do you have any tips for sensory smells just wondering

  7. aw man that was another great video Dan as u matched all the things that I do so u have shown that I'm not alone, I wear my shades nearly 24/7 I don't sleep or shower in them its not advisable haha, I have a heavy quilt that I love, I cut tags off it annoys me and my exma, those ear things I do need they will be better then my earphones cos I can't have ear plugs in my ears, as for smells I don't like I will always avoid them, thankfully I don't need them, I avoid busy places that will contain big crowds of people causing a meltdown. This with so many other reasons is why I'm subscribed to your channel. Thank you ^_^

  8. Great video. Omg I hate hate tags😂🤣. I love weight blankets. They help me at night to calm down and relax to sleep. Smells will be the death of me. I can not deal with smell. I can even taste smells. Oh I love your smell idea. Thanks for that idea. I am so using the idea. Sometimes there are things you can not avoid. So some situations I meltdown. I try hard to aviod, but can not all the time.

  9. If you have a chance to respond or talk about it in a future video I was curious how you feel Aspergers/ASD may affect you when driving, I still haven’t gotten confirmed for them yet bc I haven’t gone for testing yet, but I would like to compare

  10. I use a tissue with a couple of drops of essential oil to overcome bad smells an added advantage is that people tend to avoid you or give you more space if they think you're sick😂. I use warm water to brush my teeth and everything that is in contact with my skin is (if possible) inside out because seams irritate me as much as tags

  11. I've always wanted noise cancelling headphones but I get anxiety over not being able to hear my surroundings, even if I don't want to

  12. Putting a drop of essential oil of my preference for the day under my nose works really well to help me when in public places. Not having to smell other people’s odors or different smells from outside of my own preference is such a relief. I feel safer like I’m in control of what’s coming into my brain.

  13. Touching most cloth, especially if my hands are dry, gives me this burning sensation throughout my entire body and makes me teeth hurt. It can ruin my mood for a long time. It can make changing my baby or even dressing myself difficult.

  14. What happens if it is your families voice's that are a trigger? The volume of conversation, can you use noise canceling headphones and still here them a bit? Is there a better solution? Thanks 😊

  15. My hack for work is tinted safety glasses. We are required to have safety glasses, but the lights bother my eyes, between the flickering of the florescent bulbs and the brightness. The tinted glasses help alot.

  16. I would love to see a daily vlog of your life.How you interact with work and a baby and hoysehold craziness

  17. Also my tip: I found I don’t get as sensory overwhelmed when I’m out if I carry a kinda heavy backpack everywhere. The weight keep my mind off other sensory overloads, this combine with a good headset is amazing for me.

  18. Thanks for the number 5 tip because certain smells can cause me to get headaches like strong scented candles or fish

  19. My noise reducing headphones are a lifesaver, they give me silence and the right pressure on the ears to act as a hug. Mine are currently being repaired so I will be glad when I get them back.

  20. I haven't found a way to "block out" intrusive smells – Bin day is the worst… Um I hold my breath and just run but the outside world is a stinky place, you know?

  21. I can tolerate loud noises and not so bright lights, but my sense of touch is delicate. I can get very upset wearing uncomfortable fabrics like wool, nylon or polyester. That's why most of my clothes are cotton.

  22. I think this is quite obvious, but all sort of gadget toys can help to get rid of stressed energy or help you to better focus. There's also a lot of jewelleries and stuff that can work like sensory stimulus toys but still look stylish, such as bracelets, necklaces or rings (huge amount of them on wish). Absolutely worth trying!

  23. Your bonus hack is actually helpful and very important Dan! One big example is nightclubs, which can be super triggering for a person on the autism spectrum due to loud music, crazy lights, drunken people and casual tobacco smells but even more triggering when it's overcrowded. The other night I turned down a nightclub invite 'cause it was gonna rain that night, which wouldn't allow me to get out since this nightclub has an outdoor area (I've been to this club before). Plus, because it was on a Saturday night, I was expecting it to be overcrowded so I definitely stayed in.

  24. Do you have any advice for dealing with high necklines? I try to buy tops without them but so often I have to miss out on loads of cool designs on shirts!

  25. From the pov of someone who spent 41 years not knowing exactly what my issues were:
    Headphones- One other side benefit is I have a problem with being very approachable to strangers. Wearing headphones, even if there is no sound playing, greatly discourages unexpected conversation attempts. Those of you who use public transportation know what I'm talking about. They assume you cannot hear them, and they don't try to engage.
    Tags: You blew my mind, Dan. I never think about how I have the ability to change things, and don't realize this is an option. I also looked at my favorite, most comfortable clothes, some of which I've had for decades. No tags on them. Coincidence?
    Weighted Blanket: I've definitely found taking a brief nap helps. Big blankets for sure, as does having my small dog asleep on my chest (or cat when I had one).
    Sunglasses: had glasses since I was five, never thought sunglasses were something I could wear, so never did. Wife forced me to try prescription sunglasses a few months ago. They definitely help, although remembering to bring them, and having to switch glasses often, is a struggle. In the US, most big stores use fluorescent lights, and they not only hurt, but make colors look different, which is subtley disorienting. Sunglasses do help.
    Smells: no issues with the deli, but cleaning products and fragrance aisles kill me. Holding my breath hasn't worked well, might try this one!
    Bonus: yeah, maintain low expectations when you have to go there, and don't go places you know won't end well if you can help it. Don't be afraid of the outside world, but be smart about it.
    Also big <3 for Dan casually acknowledging having the frustration level of a wounded rhino (throwing camera out the window). The videos are always so good, positive, and reasonable, these side comments do help me (or us?) remember that we all have problems, and it helps. Don't be too perfect, Dan. It is OK to show the struggle.

  26. I have a visual stim app on my phone called Go Particles where you can upload pictures and watch the pictures become all swirly and fun and I strongly recommend it. It's great for when you need a minute to yourself to look at something relaxing

  27. I have negative effects from smelling coffee. I don’t like going near Starbucks in barnsnobles. It just overwhelms me with the coffee smell. Which I don’t like coffee.

  28. I just took my first drivers test to get my license. It’s much harder for people like us on the spectrum. My nerves and such were causing me to make mistakes. And I wasn’t comfortable with the area. I didn’t know the area well.

    I ended up failing my test. Will go back to try again. But it really hit me hard being too nervous in that situation. And from failing my test.

    My solution to do better next time is to get more comfortable with the area. Practice and improve and don’t give up. Just because I have autism doesn’t mean it should hold me back from what I need to do. I can do this. People like me can too.

    Can you do a video all about driving and people on the spectrum, what kind of issues we face different than other people? And some hacks and things to help during that.

  29. I always hold my breath within fifteen feet of the seafood section, that's my grocery store trigger, it's just the worst.

  30. Hey this is how I deal with nasty smells by breathing through my mouth not with my nose.
    Also with bright lights I cant wear sunglasses since I have glasses so I wear an hat. And when my anxiety comes in while I out of the house I switch my focus to my friends or family by talking to them having a laugh. Another thing I do is focus on the matter at hand while I name 3 things I am thankful for and why when I am by myself.

  31. What I do for sensory issues is deal with it when I start the day by having alone time by myself doing yoga and meditation, breathing exercises that calms me down then I read and pray. By doing this kinda of stuff that calms you it prepares you to be mentally ready for the day of issues.

  32. I thought i'd gotten over my tag annoyance issue but then i just thought about it and… most of my clothes are from primark or if i wear ones with tags, i have a vest i wear that means i wouldnt feel the tag anyway 😂.

  33. I'd need those headsets for waiting rooms. It's one thing I still have to go out to, and cant get away from, and those places often trigger me, specially when ppl play videos on their phones outloud or there's kids screaming! I've had meltdowns in waiting rooms far too often when other ppl are being so obnoxious!

  34. How do I get over anxiety about wearing sunglasses in "inappropriate" settings like supermarkets because that's the place I most want them but I feel like I seem rude to cashiers ect so I make. Myself uncomfortable instead

  35. With my ear defenders I can "hear" my steps like the vibration and it sucks does that happen with noise cancelling headphones?

  36. Hey Dan! About that extra hack… My parents are very religious people and I go to church with them every week but lately there's been more and more people coming too and I've been starting to get an anxiety episode almost every week… do you have any advice for a socially heavy unavoidable environment?

  37. I use beats head phones playing binaral beats for my son in his louder classes. He can still hear the teacher and when people speak to him but it puts like an auditory bubble around him. It’s been super helpful to him.

  38. The earphone thing I do a lot! I have Raycon earbuds and they arnt concidered noise cancelling but they do cut out almost all outside noise when listening to music, I too used to cut off all my shirt tags when I was a kid too, flickering lights are a but triggering for me too, same with certains smells and tectures of foods, a lot of people dont understand how that can be but they dont see the world like people with aspergers do. It's cool to know I'm not the only one who finds things irritating and can find a life hack to make aspies' worlds even better and easier on a day to day basis

  39. Anyone else who has Autism or SPD hate clothing where the seams feel like the Great Wall of China is against your skin?

  40. 1st time here: Straight off the bat? Cricket (since I am judging you to be English), baseball (since I have judged myself as USA) or flying mammal? Am I going to get rabies, ticks, the effects of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal or a ball smashed into my face? I hope you don't mean, straight as opposed to gay? UGH!!! I don't even know, maybe I'll watch this later
    Edit: I should have included, I made it to 54 seconds…then, the above happened & Yes, I work from the litteral, down into possible social meaning

  41. First off my regular glasses are Raybans, and they're the same frame only in white and purple. Secondly, I need to try these with my son. And myself. The more I learn about autism the more I think I may have autism as well as my son.

  42. I've put some aluminium foil beneath my light ramp and the glass ball around the lightbulb in my bathroom and it creates a sort of up-light and softens the light. I live in a rental flat so I'm not allowed to change the fittings.
    I can recommend partylites fresh home series. It comes in 5 different scents and it neutralizes unwanted smells. It comes in different forms like candles sticks spray and melts. The sticks you can put in a small holder and keep in your pocket or handbag and bring with you to the store. Every stick keeps it's scent for 30 days. Check out www.partylite.co.uk for more info.

  43. I've literally always had my tags chopped off, I couldn't agree more with printing the necessary information. Also I wanna know if anybody else smells their own t-shirt when they are stressed. The smell of my mum's washing or home calms me.

  44. Im 25 years old (male), and I’m awaiting my assessment. I haven’t told my mother, and only a couple of friends know. I am nervous about my assessment because I’m extremely emotional when talking about my past struggles with psychological and physical health.

  45. My child doesn't have issues with tags, but what he and I do have issues with are others touching us. And people are so "welcoming" to helping themselves to sticking the tags back in our shirts to "help" us. It sets me off for one, and stresses out my child.

  46. Best sunglasses ever for sensory in my humble opinion are COSTA …MONTAUK MTK187 expensive but amazing no hinges for hair pulling, no side glare , actual glass lenses are scratch resistant and hold up very well and they look amazing. i only take mine off to wash my hair and sleep. I also have the Bose quiet 35s by far worth every penny 😁

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