5 FREE Ways To Stop Seasonal Affective Disorder [ Also known as SAD ]

– Here are five free ways to stop Seasonal Affective
Disorder, also known as SAD. (bouncy music) The first way is to exercise. Guys, c’mon. Get active, get moving. Go for a walk, run, work out at your gym, whatever it may be, get moving for 45 to 60 minutes a day. Get direct sunlight daily, when possible. If you’re like me and you
live in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t always have the sun, so what you have to do is make the most of it when you do get it. Get outside for at least 30 minutes, and get that sunlight, Vitamin D on you. To make this happen, set
it up in your schedule. Make that effort to go out for a walk, whatever you need to do, just get outside and feel those sun’s rays. Create an evening routine. Evening routine helps you prepare for bed, helps you settle down,
get ready for sleep. Gets all the day behind you and prepares you for hopefully
a good eight hours of sleep. Follow this routine Monday through Sunday. Try not to take Saturday and Sunday off just because it’s the weekend. Add things in like journaling,
meditating, reading, or even just cleaning your place. This consistency in your evening will give you the best
chance for a positive sleep. Journal. Write down what you’re feeling. Good, bad, the ugly, the great, some mythical story that has
nothing to do with your life but you want to tell it. Grab a piece of paper,
grab a pen or a pencil, and just start writing. Go for a minute, or two, or half a page. Surround yourself with bright colors. So not this hoodie, but this one! Clothing to blankets
to pictures to lights. Anything that’s gonna bring a
bright, happy feeling to you, other than the blacks, whites, grays, anything dark that we
associate with fall and winter. But most importantly, allow for down days. They’re gonna happen,
and if they happen today, they will happen again. You can’t win everyday, no one does. So accept the losses, do
the best that you can do to make them less frequent as possible. So those are my five tips of how to beat Seasonal
Affective Disorder for free. If you have any questions about this video or you want me to make a video for you on a question you have
about your mental health, physical health, anxiety, depression, anything to do with health, write a comment below or shoot me a DM on my
Instagram or Twitter and I’ll do my best to answer it. Thanks again; I love y’all. Hit that subscribe button, and I’ll be seeing you every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Remember, you’re never alone. (bouncy music)

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