#3 Trấn Thành, Lại Văn Sâm rưng rưng tự hào trước “thần đồng toán học” | SIÊU TRÍ TUỆ VIỆT NAM

The Brain Vietnam Our world used to admire the gifted super brains- – they made great miracles with their super brains. Do these talents exist in Vietnam? What we have in The Brain in all over the world- – we have it all in The Brain Vietnam. People always make mistakes- – if they can distinguish between what they like the most- – and what they are best at. I’ll do the 50th root- – of a number with the answer of about 30. You’ll surely make this country proud. She has to remember clothes, bags, and shoes by once catwalking time. Such extremely hard 6 challenges! You have to remember the picture of this tiny square among 5040 pieces. Bravo! I don’t know what to say- – I’ve never loved our country this much. We are all happy that you are a part of The Brain Vietnam team. All miracles will be revealed in The Brain Vietnam. The Brain Vietnam Welcome everyone to The Brain Vietnam! Where are you- the super brains of Vietnam? You are watching The Brain Vietnam produced by DID TV- – and weekly aired on 8pm on Saturday on HTV2 Vie channel. Our main sponsor if Compact Cherry energy drink- New Compact cherry energy drink – always accompanies your success. And another sponsor is Apax Learners English for the future leading generation. We have 4 judges in each episode. Please let me introduce our science judge Assoc. Prof. Doc. Tran Thanh Nam! Our permanent judge – singer Toc Tien. Another permanent judge – MC Lai Van Sam. And our guest judge today is the people’s artist – Hong Van. They are the judges of The Brain Vietnam. Ms. Hong Van, we often meet on stages of performances and shows- – both entertaining and educational- – our show today is about academy and wisdom- – please let us know how you feel coming here! I feel high pressure coming into such a show with super brains- – because my brain its limited so I’m very nervous. But my curiosity is way much greater than pressure. I really want to see and feel these super brains in flesh and blood- – so I accepted the invitation to come here to witness. For my curiosity. For Mr.Thanh Nam, he provides scientifical judgment- – have you ever judged based on your emotion just once? Every candidate here gives me special feeling. Like Tran Thanh said, I try my best to be objective but there may be a slight chance that I can’t control. But I try my best to judge on their performance and scientific proof- – which can be calculated and compared to international challenges. Let me explain so you’ll understand more about Mr.Nam. When candidates’ personal backgrounds move me, he turns to me and says- – “oh screw me, I wonder if people understand me or they’ll scold me”. I have to say it so that people won’t misunderstand him- – he’s like a loving parent trying to be fair to give his child best judgment. And then he gives them low scores. It hurts me too. It’s compulsory sometimes since we have to offer fairness to everyone. The Brain Vietnam Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Brain Vietnam Fashion week! We are here in the fashion week of The Brain Vietnam. We have a well-decorated catwalk stage- – there are many fashion styles here. Let’s go shopping later, this may fit Toc Tien and Ms. Hong Van, right? The Brain Vietnam – how is it relating to shopping? Let’s meet our candidate and she’ll give us the answer! The Brain Vietnam Hello everyone, I am Nguyen Hong Anh, I’m at grade 8. Like other students, I love playing and studying- – I have one special talent which is my good memory. I started to be interested in this field since I and my mother watched a TV show about memory. I’m very confident at my daughter’s talent. And I give her good conditions to develop herself in this field. Gaining super memory does not only include gifted talent but also daily practice and learning. My own tower of memory has been displayed. I can save and classify any image in life into my own tower. And now, the stage of The Brain Vietnam is lighted- – I, Hong Anh, I am very confident to accept this challenge. Let’s meet Hong Anh! Hello! I (as a child) greet you (as a brother)! I (as a child) greet you (as a brother)? Let’s start the challenge! We’re getting closer. How old are you? I’m 13 years old and studying grade 8. I (as an uncle) greet you (as a child)! To know more about her challenge, let’s meet 10 super good looking male models! Such a performance with so many models, the lightning, the setting… This is a very eye-catchy challenge. It brings the fresh breath to The Brain Vietnam. I like how the content team tries to give best conditions for the candidates coming to the show. The hotness of 10 models stirs the atmosphere. We are not the designers. Today, our 4 judges will be the designers. Let’s see our challenge! Our stage will turn into a professional catwalk stage with 10 male models.MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.

Our stage will turn into a professional catwalk stage with 10 male models. The judges will mix randomly a suit includes pants, upper top, shoes, and accessories.
MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.
The judges will mix randomly a suit includes pants, upper top, shoes, and accessories. When the models perform their new outfits- – the challenger has to memorize all data of their outfits. After she finishes memorizing, the judges will choose 3 random outfits. Her mission is to mix 3 exact outfits. She will pass the challenge if she succeeds 2/3 outfits. Let’s judge the difficult level of the challenge! Let’s see it on the screen! Toc Tien, please! Hearing about this challenge, we may think it’s easy to make mistakes
but I think it’s not very difficult- – I choose to be quite objective for her. Why do you give her score of 3? I compare it with other memory challenges- – they have to visualize an image to remember. Here she already has specific images with colors and faces- – though only looking for one time, she still can distinguish them. Mr. Lai Van Sam, please! The same -3, Mr Sam, what do you think? Anyone coming to the show has a gifted talent. I agree with Toc Tien that compared to other challenges we already witnessed- – 3 is reasonable for this challenge. Ms. Hong Van? Why do you give her 4? I didn’t have much chance to witness as Mr.Sam and Toc Tien- – I think the maximum score should be for harder challenge- – now I think it’s 4 for me. I give my score as a guest judge. Mr. Sam and Toc Tien are permanent guests during the show- – they witness all difficult and easy challenges. The rest of the story depends on you. Let them see it’s not simple. It’s like identification skill in crime investigation of police, it’s not simple. I hope you’ll bring us a great performance, ok? Yes!
I hope you’ll bring us a great performance, ok? Yes! Ok, please get on your challenge chair! The judges, please come to the stage and mix outfits for our models! Start now! 4 random details on the outfits of 10 models. It’s not only the challenge for the candidate but also pressure for our reluctant designers. As a judge, we have experiences many levels of different emotion in this show. I like gentle men so I mix shirts with pants and ties. So I choose 2 shirts for my 2 models. I as a fashion lover, I like men in ton-sur-ton outfits with the same color tones. There may be a bright accessory on a neutral-colored outfit. It was just what I thought, but when I checked the store, it was nothing there so I chose freely. The judges seem to be excited at mixing the outfits. They’re at different generations so their fashion styles are also different. They don’t follow a specific trend. Shall Hong Anh pass this challenge? Ladies and gentlemen, the outfits are well prepared. Now please change to your new outfits! Our 10 models will come out with their new outlook after changing. I hope you will pay attention to the models to know our judges’ fashion styles. Now please open your eyes! You have to use this only chance to watch and memorize their catwalk performance. Our 10 good looking models, please step out! This challenge seems a little difficult for me. Because I have to remember every color and detail of each outfit. It’s very easy to mistake among the different shades of blue colors. My skill of memorizing is to turn colors into image. For each outfit, I’ll memorize all details of each pair of pants, upper top, and shoes. The overwhelming setting of the runway, models, audiences and other things around- – she easily loses her concentration. I find the 6th outfit hardest to memorize. Because there’s also a bear image on the upper top like the 2nd outfit. It kinda freaked me out seeing the light falling down and broken. But then I tried to resume memorizing not to waste time. The audiences may see the reality nature of the show- – we leave it like that since we do respect the candidates’ concentration in their challenges. I hope it should get more quiet for her to focus. But she is so cute, she only focuses on what she needs to remember. I think it’s also a plus of this show- – besides finding the super brains. They really care about the attention of TV audiences. Once again, please take another look at the collection of The Brain Vietnam judges! Hong Anh has to memorize the info source of movements and diversity of details and colors. It will surely confuse our grade-8 student ab bit. Shall she pass her challenge? Let’s wait and see! Have you finished? Yes, Mr! She finished memorizing in total 7 minutes and 36 seconds. First, please get back on your challenge chair! Now our models please go back inside and change back into your simple original outfits! Please! The Brain Vietnam We are watching The Brain Vietnam which is mainly sponsored by Compact Cherry energy drink. New Compact Cherry energy drink – always accompanies your success. And now, everything is ready. Each judge please choose one model! You will put a basket next to that model and our girl here will use this basket to pick the items belonging to that model. We’ll compare it with the photo we took of that model earlier. Please, our girl! Toc Tien chooses this model. Mr. Sam? This model. Ok! Ms. Van, please! This man. Yes! I choose no.4 because he looks similar to no.3. I intentionally choose him to see if our girl makes a mistake. Thank you! The assistants please bring me 3 baskets for these 3 models! And thanks to the other models who offered your assistant in this challenge. Bye! Thank the assistants! Our little girl, please start your performance!MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.
When I was collecting the items for the 1st model, I was afraid I was wrong with the pants.
MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.
When I was collecting the items for the 1st model, I was afraid I was wrong with the pants. Because there was another similar blue pair of pants so I was afraid I was wrong. She was quite confused and hesitant in choosing the items. I am afraid she may not pass the challenge. It may be more simple than other challenges but it’s not easy at all. Of course we cannot do this. She was very determined with the 2nd outfit. She looked relaxed. The casual outfits may be more difficult than the eye catchy unordered ones. She does not remember their faces, she remembers their numbers. It’s not difficult but it’s easy to make mistakes. Making mistakes with the colors. Oh, done! I finished my challenge. She did not need much time and she was determined in her picks. Shall her confidence lead to expected result? She finished and now please change back into your previous outfits! Please come inside! My little girl! Yes? Do you need to visualize them into specific image to remember? I turned colors into images to remember more easily. – Well!
– Yes! Do you remember the models’ faces? Or only their numbers? I memorized the numbers accordingly with their outfits. Oh well! She observed quite carefully and like I said- – she only memorized their numbers and details. It may be more difficult if she can remember their faces and details of accessories. How long is the number line that you can memorize? It depends on the time length. What length of the longest number line that you challenged yourself in the past? I can remember 100 numbers in 5 minutes. The order is not from 1-100? No, not like that.
The order is not from 1-100? No, not like that. Line of random numbers. 100 numbers in 5 minutes. Her capability to memorize is special. She can compete in this field. Ok, I think our models finished changing. Just in time, and please welcome the 1st model! And now, please observe his previous outfit on the screen!MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.

And now, please observe his previous outfit on the screen! Let’s compare!
MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.
MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.
The shoes.
MEMORY CATWALK: Memorize outfits of 10 models after one time performing.
Recall 3 random outfits chosen by the judges.
The shoes. Correct! The pants Correct. The bag Correct. And the upper top. The flowered shirt – correct. Thank you! After her 1st correct outfit, I talked to myself that she would pass this challenge. The next model! Let’s look at his previous photo on the screen! The shoes Correct. The pants Black – correct. The bag – correct. And the upper top… Absolutely correct. Thank you! And our last model, please! Now please compare! The shoes Correct. A pair of dark blue jeans. Correct. The upper top Correct. And the white hat Absolutely correct. Successful challenge! Congrats! Thank you so much for your assistance! Our science judge, please share your thought about her performance. The performance was very nice and impressive. It was only 13 seconds for each model to come here and do the catwalk. And the total time of 10 models catwalking here was only over 7 minutes. We must know that the memory she acquired at that time needs to be synchronous. In a quiet environment, our memory capability will be much better. But in the surroundings of models moving around in music background- – I could see that she was so focused that she even hit the lamppost. – I thought this incident might be an obstacle for her she might only be correct in 2 outfits. These factors create the difficulty for this challenge. But the info amount she needed to remember, compared to that of other candidates, it was not very impressive. Everyone, let’s see the score from science judge! Let’s see! 60, everyone! 6 for the difficult level from Mr.Thanh Nam, 6×10=60 What a pity that she cannot exceed 80! Seeing the score from science judge, I felt quite sad because- – I finished my challenge with 3 correct outfits. Though she had 3 correct outfits, but as a science judge- – I have to rate the difficult level based on what she performed on stage. She couldn’t remember the models’ faces- – this may make it easier for her. You already passed the challenge today. Compared to other previous candidates, they could gain greater achievements. So they luckily got higher score than yours. That’s it, ok? Yes! You’re already very talented. Thank you for coming to The Brain Vietnam! Ladies and gentlemen! Hong Anh! What a pity that Hong Anh could not join the The Brain Vietnam team- – I believe with such determination in practicing memory- – she may make much more progress. Saying goodbye to Hong Anh, let’s meet the next candidate of the show! If you don’t want to miss it, stay tuned! We’ll be right back. The Brain Vietnam Welcome back to The Brain Vietnam- – and our co-sponsor Apax Learners – English for the future leading generation! After this fashion topic, let’s come to another topic! This is the topic that we rarely think about applying it to come here- – but here it comes to us spectacularly and interestingly. It’s the art of painting. I think it’s going to be an extremely interesting performance. It’s amazing and spectacular and it has been performed internationally before- – but with colored pictures, not back and white ones like this. Such a brand new trend of painting! It’s the messy style of painting. What is messy style? It’s the act of doodle painting then you have such nice pictures after 5 minutes. And these are the favorite pictures by the owner’s favorite artists- – and he re-painted them. This painter put a soul into these pictures. Though this messy style is really messy, when it forms the faces of characters, – we can recognize the characters and their attitude in the pictures. And these 80 pictures, are they here to be memorized? Or any other impressive performance? Let’s watch! The Brain Vietnam We can’t imagine how life would be if everything became messy. Just like that, they form the chaos state of our busy life. I am Son Tung, but I don’t love singing.
[A famous Vietnamese singer has the same name]I am only an ordinary person in Sai Gon’s busy life- – until I take my pen. Horizontal. vertical, italic, round lines- – no, I paint in messy style. We may think these lines cannot make any shape- – they do make sense if they are combined into messy piles. I called them with this name since I started doing research about them. The ordinary images and things become more lively than ever- – if they are illustrated by me. These lines are mess just like my inward mind. My bad experiences of being looked down on in high school time- – they made me become scared and inferiority due to what I did. I spent 3 years to do research on lines. And now I am confident that I can recognize several pictures from their messy lines. Are you having doubts about my ability? Let’s wait and see what I can do! No singing, just painting! Son Tung! You friends must make jokes with you very often. Yes, many people make jokes with me. Having the same name as a super star. People often call me “Tung Xeng”.
[the sound of drum]“Tung Xeng?” Oh, Tung Xeng, yes! – Oh I forgot…
– What, dear? Hello Mr. Tran Thanh and our judges! Hello… The audiences. Yes, hello the audiences! Yes, correct! Why are you so nervous, Tung? First time standing on such a big stage? Yes, right. It’s ok, do you need to drink some energy drink to warm up? Did you paint these paintings yourself? Yes, I did them on my own. Is there an official style of these paintings- – or you created it yourself? Before I didn’t know about it, I just painted freely- – I didn’t like to paint in any fixed style- – then from the press, I came to know that foreign artists been using this style for a long time. Did you learn more about it or continue with your passion? Actually I didn’t learn, I just painted with my gut ability- – I could paint anything with this style. Anything? Yes! Oh wow, anything, ladies and gentlemen! In my school time, my teacher gave us a homework to paint and decorate a mouse- – I painted it very carefully with blur and dark lines, and even colored it- – and I showed it to my mom. “Mom, do you think it’s a nice mouse painting of mine?” My mom was like “oh, why did you paint such a weird buffalo?” I didn’t know how my painting skill was to paint a mouse into a buffalo- – it was no relation between 2 animals so I can imagine how bad my painting was. I used to paint 9 epic paintings at grade 1- – they were colored paintings of teddy bear and I sold them with 1,200VND. – You know we still used the 200VND currency then.
– Yes, that;s right. I told my neighbor friend “Buy them, they will cost much in the furure”. I read in the book that Picasso didn’t receive a free loaf of bread- – his paintings were sold for million of dollars after he died. You should buy my paintings. He was very glad but he told me he had only 700VND, not enough for 1,200. No one bought them so I sold them to him. His mom spanked him a lot after he bought them. “Why are you so dumb to use your tiny money to buy these?” I was angry with that neighbor aunt at that time. I asked her why she killed a child’s dream. Until today, thanks so much that she woke me up for not pursuing that painter dream. It was that terrible, her child bought them and I still owe him 700VND. I really want the judges to check out these paintings- – look at how soulful, complicated and messy they are. Let’s check them out! I feel quite uncomfortable for looking at these 80 paintings- – there is no face of mine among them. Thanos, aliens, you painted many of them but none for Tran Thanh. None of mine. Tung painted these, here is alien- – venom- – Ho Chi Minh city People’s Committee building- – Ho Chi Minh city theater- Yes, here… Oh, this is an electricity post. When I look at them, they are only the black lines on white paper. But the characters’ eyes are very soulful. I think it’s his best achievement in his paintings. Thank the judges! This is not a gallery. Just a glance, everyone! Ms. Hong Van- – do you think it’s difficult or easy to paint these pictures? Painting does not exist in my memory. 80 completely different paintings- – size, topic…all different faces and there is no repetition. To me, it’s very difficult to paint them. It looks that messy, but to combine these lines into such nice paintings- – they all look soulful. Since when did you start learning painting? I started loving painting since high school time. I learned statue painting for the architect entrance exam- – I have learned statue painting for a year. I have one question, in the video clip, I saw you painting with messy lines from inside to outside- – I wonder how you paint, for example for a portrait, you’ll start with the face shape or what? Actually for these, I often start with the eyes. Then I’ll try to balance the ratio of the eyes and face shape. And then I’ll paint outward. The eyes are most difficult, right?
And then I’ll paint outward. The eyes are most difficult, right? Yes, they’re most difficult to me. Yes, they have to be soulful. Everyone, his ability is not bringing these 80 paintings for gallery, no. His ability is not that simple of painting. The Brain Vietnam must include use of brain. Do what is his ability? The Brain Vietnam The challenge of piece recovery. There are 80 A4 pictures painted by impressive messy lines. And they are totally different. When we cut each picture with 3×3 cm ratio- – it will form 5040 separate pieces. The candidate will have time to observe and memorize. Then the judges will pick 3 random pieces from 3 paintings. The candidate have to observe based on the data of that piece- – and fill it correctly into his original painting. 2/3 correct paintings means passing the challenge. The Brain Vietnam The judges, please decide the difficult level! Looking at the pieces from his paintings, I have to say it’s very difficult. It’s more difficult than recognizing the colored pictures. It’s easier to find the differences with colored paintings. Toc Tien, please! After what Tung and Mr.Thanh talked about the challenge, I think it’s extremely difficult. Compared to other candidates, 4 ist the most reasonable score for you. Ms. Hong Van, please! As I enjoy the finished painting, to me- – it’s really difficult. It may be easier with normal colored pictures. These are all messy pencil lines which look the same. 5 Mr. Sam, please! For me, I’ll give him 5. No, because Tung has his own abnormal memory ability- – it’s not normal like ours. That’s why he comes to the show. The Brain Vietnam- I think 4 is reasonable. For example, if I take one piece here- – and zoom it in, right at the cheek part- – there is nothing but a pile of hair, no relation and no connection. I agree with Thanh. When I was observing, I saw that between 2 spaces of 2 paintings- – if I take 2 space pieces, they will be the same, nothing different. Additionally, he has 2-in-1 ability. His own paintings are so beautiful- – they are messy but they’re nice and unique- – and now he can even remember the pieces with his brain- Remember pieces of 80 paintings.
– and now he can even remember the pieces with his brain- – and now he can even remember the pieces with his brain- – he is super talented- – I give him 5 for that reason. Ms. Hong Van gives him 5 due to his 2-in-1 ability. This 2-in-1 ability made me give him 4. If it’s 1-in-2 or 1-in-1, I won’t hesitate. Because I think they are his own products, he painted them- – just like a composer writes his own piece of music- – it may be difficult for other people but not that composer. 5 is for some really special ability, really really difficult- – so it decreases the difficult level for him compared to him recognizing other people’s paintings. Let me ask him one thing- – how many paintings have you painted? With this style- – the number may be 400. Are these your recent paintings for this show? Since I came to know about the show for 1 month- – there were about more than 10 paintings at that time. So I spent much time to finish these paintings. Do you remember them after painting them? Actually, I can remember partly, but- – sometimes I look at them, they look the same. I want the judges here to pay attention to the fact that- – looking at everything, we often use our overview viewpoint- – his challenge is taking a piece from this overview picture- – the difficult level will increase. In his challenge, it’s really for his short memory- – he does not only need to remember the space of that painting to define the piece- – he also has to remember the numbers- – this multiplies the complex level of this challenge. There is still one more judge waiting to give you his score. It’s Mr. Thanh Nam – our science judge! We accept these scores for now. More importantly is what you have to prove- – for them to see that they should give you higher score. I hope you will pass this challenge. I wish you success. If he can pass it with no mistakes- – he deserves the maximum score. He needs time to memorize the number of each painting here. When I start memorizing, I keep telling myself to stay calm- – to use time to observe carefully what I have to observe. Immediately, I put the paintings into system of topics- – and I apply for all other paintings. I continue to imagine where the lines would go. The ratio is so terrible. Our normal 3x4cm photo is even bigger than that piece from the paintings. How could he remember? It’s really hard to remember more than 5000 details in such a short time. Moreover, he has to remember the numbers which has been given by the content team. Paintings of male characters are the most difficult to remember. It will be a bit easier for me to imagine with more facial expressions. For the female characters, there is also hair. Their hair is much more messy compared to other parts. I finished, Mr. Thanh. Everyone, we spent 50 minutes for him to remember 80 brand new paintings- – and the details of them. Now, please get on the challenge chair! Each judge please take one 3×3 tiny piece! If you put it into the correct painting with correct number- – of the painting, 2/3 correct means passing this challenge.PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.The judges may make it a little difficult for him.
PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.We pick the pieces at the foreheads since these are almost blank-
PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.We pick the pieces at the foreheads since these are almost blank- – and some lines and we cannot define which forehead it belongs to. I highly hope at his ability but I also want to see- – if he is amazing as what he shares. I pick the lower part, here of the dog- – there is much blank space in that piece. It’s easy to be mistaken with other paintings. I pick this much blank space for him since I gave him the maximum score. When other judges go to pick the pieces, I give them advice- – that they should choose pieces on foreheads or cover areas- – where there are many similar lines. Though the dark or blur level is not satisfied- – only some lines in these areas and it’s really hard to distinguish- – to make it harder and see if he may succeed. Ladies and gentlemen, we picked 3 pieces. Let’s see which number of painting that he’s going to find!
PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.Please!
PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.At first, I was very confused seeing the pieces. I felt like I could not recognize which painting they belong to. I observed 3 pieces very carefully to define the nearby lines of these lines- – the lines’ direction- – then I recalled which number it was and I gave the answer. For the 2nd piece, I was surprised since I observed this painting very carefully- – I wrote the answer at once- – with no second thought. I think this is a hard challenge. But my gut feeling tells me he can pass this challenge. I could not tell which painting of the 3rd piece. I got more nervous. It took me much time to know which painting it belonged to. Remembering these messy lines is not simple at all. Shall Son Tung pass the challenge? Well, I finished. Ok, he has his answers. The assistants, please help us compare the answers! Everyone, the 1st piece looks like this. Looking at it, I cannot tell which location or direction it belongs in this painting area. And his 1st answer for this 1st piece belongs to the painting with the number… 45 Correct! Extraordinary! At first, I mistook it with the 44 painting- – but then I recalled 44 was not the painting of this face. So I changed it into 45. Oh my God, what is happening in front of me? This is the 2nd piece. Do you remember which painting it is? Ms.Van must have loved him so much,
she picked such an irrelevant piece. – Oh gosh, my lady!
– Look at this! Even we turn it upside down, it’s still impossible to remember. It’s messy like a pile of dust. And his answer is… I was so anxious to wait for him to give his answers. More anxious than watching football. There is a 3… Which number? 33 I saw him writing “dog”- – but he was wrong with the number. What a pity! My bro, do you know this is a dog painting? Why did you think it was Einstein? The lower part of the dog. I made a mistake with the number. I was so sure that it was right so I did not double check. This piece is not relevant to this 33 painting. – No, it’s not.
– No. He must have remembered the wrong number. That’s right. He has learned the numbers here. Now 1 right and 1 wrong. Let’s come to the last piece which decides this challenge. I felt so tensed when he was wrong with the 2nd answer. You can rest assure. I’m a good man so I’ll bring good luck. 2/3 correct answers means passing the challenge. Shall this failure decide his final result? Let’s wait and see! The Brain Vietnam Mr. Lai Van Sam picked the most messy piece than ever.PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.And his answer is…
PIECE RECOVERY: 80 A4 paintings are cut into 5040 pieces. The candidate observe and recover the pieces’ original locations.And his answer is… Correct! I said it. Congrats! Everyone, this is Son Tung! Amazing! Oh gosh! I just can’t imagine it. It’s beyond my imagination. I want to hear from the judges who gave him 4. I and Mr.Sam gave him 4 but he was correct with our 2 pieces. Is it right? – Oh why you suddenly blame me?
– Things happen for a reason. It means there are things do not look like how they seem.
– Oh why you suddenly blame me?
– Things happen for a reason. It means there are things do not look like how they seem. We are the motivation, right, Mr.Sam? – Yes.
– We are his motivation to be correct.
We are the motivation, right, Mr.Sam? – Yes.
– We are his motivation to be correct. When I taught my child in playing puzzle, she did not succeed with any puzzle. It’s so miserable! We’re just like Ms.Van says. our brains are limited. We’re so ordinary compared to candidates in this show. We may be good at literature review, right? Yes, right. We can’t write a novel but we can read it and give our feedback. There are many outstanding candidates so we offered this score based on what we observed. Before giving your score, you did not feel the tense, how about now? Too overwhelmed! So extraordinary because if he didn’t have a super memory- – he could not do that even when they are his paintings. Mr. Nam, what do you think? I share my viewpoint about the difficult level of this challenge. The messy lines depend on emotion so there is no similar line among the paintings. Though in our own products, we cannot remember every single detail that we created. Moreover, as I observed, 3 judges wanted to make it more difficult- – we picked the paintings with less separation in dark and blur level- We have to acknowledge that for this performance in the given time- – it’s extremely difficult. Do you want to tell the judges anything to make them feel that you deserve it? I painted several paintings as gifts for the judges. See? The candidates coming to the show should learn from his behaviors. We already gave our score. Right, you should have given gifts to them from the beginning. I have not given my score. See? I’m telling you, Mr. Nam has not given his score, do what you need to do. But I could not find Mr.Nam’s photo so I didn’t paint him. Oh gosh, that’s too bad! You’re screwed. Now if he gives you low score, it means he takes it as jelly revenge. Now with a high score, he’ll get a portrait. Low score leads to a caricature. Please let us see the paintings! Mr.Sam and me. How can he draw Toc Tien so gorgeous?
Mr.Sam and me. How can he draw Toc Tien so gorgeous? My nature is reflected in the painting. Wow! He chose one of my favorite photos of myself. He was so careful that he even drew 2 moles above my eye- – you may not notice them with less consideration. Gosh, how could he draw her so beautifully? Let’s see Mr.Sam! Gosh! Why is my face so hairy? Your face is so young compared to… Very gorgeous! Thank you so much and congrats on your challenge! Still no picture for me! You didn’t draw the person who gave you 5. Ms. Van has no picture. Yes, bare hands. I didn’t know who the guest judge would be.
Yes, bare hands. I didn’t know who the guest judge would be. Before coming into the show, call the content team and ask who will judge me today? Actually I do have one picture for Mr.Thanh. So now I have one too. I have recently taken this photo. And I have not published it. Actually- – I am very pleased. It should be like this, bro. Actually, I think you’re a nice and kind man. Let Mr.Nam give his score! Not everyone has a picture.
Let Mr.Nam give his score! Not everyone has a picture. I hope you’ll sympathize for him since he’s young. There will be no such thing. Though both Mr.Sam and Mr.Thanh put pressure on me- – this score is based on scientific proof. It’s not because I have this picture- – but you have to give a proper score. The score from our scientific judge – Mr. Tran Thanh Nam, please! Our science judge gives you 9, almost maximum. This is not an ordinary performance as what we think. It’s very hard, it’s even harder for a man like you. You sell such a nice picture like this with only 200,000 to 300,000VND. It does not pay off your effort. Because you’re a student and you’re young. I believe that after this show, people will appreciate your ability. Many people will contact you after this show. When I need a meaningful gift for my loved ones, I’ll contact you. I think there will be nothing more meaningful than this. In foreign countries, manual products are much expensive than ones made by machine. Instead of selling this picture for 200,000VND, right? Yes. How much now? Now I sell it 230,000VND. More 30,000VND. What a bargain! You see me liking it and you raise the price? I’ll buy this picture with the price 2,300,000VND- – 10 times of its original price. I hope this will be the lowest price of mine- – when I meet you later in your life, your picture will cost 10 or even 100 times higher than this price. You can sell pictures at 230 million or even 2.3 billion. I wish you success! And now, the only person who gave you 5 is Ms.Van. Ms, please come to the stage to offer him the trophy today- – and count his name into The Brain Vietnam team. Congrats! Everyone, Son Tung, a new member of The Brain Vietnam team! We’ll continue to meet another candidate of the show. And this should be considered as an X man. You’ve been warned. Spectacular things are going to happen. Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss it! We’ll be right back. The Brain Vietnam Welcome back to the show! We’ll meet the next candidate now. The Brain Vietnam So young! Hello, I am Gia Hung. Do you think I am good at playing football? Football is one of my biggest hobbies. I’ll challenge my football skill in the show. Do you believe it? And this is my father. He is the one who knows many secrets of mine. Dad, 500,000VND is not enough. I think it;s more than enough. But these cost 519,000VND. How could it be 519,000VND? Really, it’s 519,000VND. – Want a bet?
– Yes. – You’ll lose.
– No, you’ll lose. Wait and see! It’s 519,000VND in total. 519,000VND? Ok, son! You’ve almost deceived by me. My real talent is high-speed calculation. This is my study room. And these are some of my math prizes. Yes, I have to say something when you see these, right? I don’t like talking too much, I love to spend my time doing maths. In these 2 recent years, I’ve seen more talents of him- – in studying maths, especially in fast calculation. He does not need a calculator and can give answers in very short time. Different from ordinary people. He’s quite independent in studying. Joining this show, I have absolute confidence in him. Because I believe he can conquer the challenges in brain shows. Absolutely. There are many goals I have to achieve ahead. The Brain Vietnam is the in-front goal I have to conquer- – to prove my talent. And this is my thanks to my dad for always believing in me. Daddy, I love you! The Brain Vietnam The candidate who’s going to go out now, he’s very young. Let’s meet Gia Hung! Hello dear! Hello, Mister! Can you share something about yourself? Hello everyone, my name is Tran Gia Hung. I’m 12 years old. I’m studying grade 6 at PIS school. When did you discover that you are good at maths? About 2 years ago. When I practiced for the calculation exams, I came to know that I did so well. Were you passionate about it first? Or you accidentally came to know your talent- – and you had this passion and spent time for it? I was passionate about it first. I became more when I discovered my talent- – and learned more about it. Now which do you choose between maths and football? It’s hard to choose between maths and football- – I’ll choose football, well no, maths. “Football, well no, maths”. His mind tells him to say so- – but his affection tells him “no, it’s a show about maths”- – no, it can’t be like that” is it right? Yes! Yes? Gosh, what a naive boy! I want to know between maths and football, which subject are you best at? Between maths and football, I think I am much better at maths. Yes! People always make mistakes in life- – at knowing what they like the most- – and what they are best at. Who knows you’ll be more better at football in the future? It may be just temporary. I just wish you keep liking what you like. There’s nothing wrong if you like one more thing. Remember to do what you are best at! Ok? Yes! Ok! The challenge comes now. The Brain Vietnam SUPER CALCULATION With no calculator- – the candidate has to pass 6 categories including- Addition: there are 20 numbers and each consists of 3 numbers. They will be displayed in 15 seconds. Addition and subtraction: there are 20 numbers – – each consists of 4 numbers and they will be displayed in 20 seconds. Multiplication: there are 2 numbers and each consists of 4 numbers. Division: between dividend of 18 numbers- – and a divisor of 15 numbers. Extracting the root under 50 with the result is an integer. The last category is extracting the root under 15 with the result is a decimal- – with the precise level of 1 number after the doc. Only when the candidate may provide correct answers for all 6 math categories- – the challenge is passed. Wow! This challenge is so cruel and intensed. Extract the root? How could he study this thing at grade 6? Everyone! You don’t understand, do you? Leave it there! Leave it for me to remember! Such a girl! Everyone! If a number multiplies with itself, we call it exponentiation, right? If we multiply it 2 times then it’s 2 exponential, 3 times and it’s 3- That’s right. – we call the smaller number as an exponential, right?
That’s right. – we call the smaller number as an exponential, right? Right. I still can remember. About the root, for example, 9 is the result of 3rd root. Is it right? It’s because 39/… The square root of 9 is 3. Because 3×3=9 That’s right. 3 exponential 2=9 Everyone, it’s like that. Multiply 2 times right? No, n times, 50, can’t you see it? Extracting the 50th root
No, n times, 50, can’t you see it? Extracting the 50th root The 50th root? – Yes.
– Under 50? About 50. It’s very hard. What? Extracting the 50th root means that we have to find a number and multiply it for 50 times… Right. – we’ll get another number. Yes. It’s unbelievable. Now we’ll prepare everything and invite a math expert to come here- – to tell you how amazing this little friend is going to do. Let’s meet the vice-director of Center for supporting and nurturing talents- – he has instructed 95 gold medal holders- – 126 silver medals for 10-13 year old students attending international math competitions. Let’s meet Mr. Tran Phuong! Hello Mr! At his young age, do you think other people can do that in other countries? This world is divided into 2 synchronous parts- – it’s like men and women- – there are also very symmetrical structures in maths- – for example addition and subtraction are opposite- – multiplication and division are opposite- – and exponentiation and extracting the root are opposite- – the counter maths are always more difficult- – for example the subtraction is more difficult than addition- – but the difficult level of subtraction compared to addition- – this level is little. This difficult level of extracting the root is 10-15 times harder than exponentiation. Yes, exponentiation is multiplying a smaller number into a greater number- – for extracting, we have a huge number and finding the smaller number is very challenging. Try your best! Quick calculation is a talent competing internationally- – and personally I’m also impressed with many foreign talents in quick calculation. That’s why this is a potential candidate to compete internationally. First, we’ll give him scores for difficult level before choosing the math category for him. The judges, please! I want 13-14 score. I think it should not be less. To me, if there were higher number than 5, I’d give it for you. Yes, true. With no considering! I have such an intensed desire now- – I hope you’ll pass the challenge today and be a member of Vietnam team and you’ll win. Yes, me too. I just want to say one thing to you now “Don’t get stressed!” Keep calm, ok? Yes! You have to keep calm. I’ve never seen my 5 score been that decisive and 200% worth than this time. Never! And now we’ll choose the 1st addition test for him , please get on the challenge chair! We’ll choose the test now, and for this addition test- – Ms. Hong Van, please choose! This one. Thank Ms.Van! Please follow me! I wish you success! The audiences may join by calculating it by your phones. 15 seconds start now! I can’t imagine how that brain proceeds- – how he does the calculation- – to have a result that quickly. Oh, is it done that fast? Oh gosh! Anyone hasn’t finished typing? I quit. We haven’t finished typing the numbers, how could he? Oh he finished? Actually, I have not read the numbers properly. I cannot type on my phone. I cannot type the numbers with calculator that fast, not mention to human calculation. The audiences can’t type either. No one finishes typing. Raise your hands if you have not finished! – No one has.
– The whole studio has not? In the studio, we tried typing the numbers with calculator- – and our phones, but not enough time to type the numbers. He has the result already. These super brains can scan the numbers and memorize in their brains- – such long numbers. Please show us the answer! The numbers will disappear after being added- – a slight error with a number and the final result is wrong- – he just can’t fix it. And his answer is… 8- 1 3 Everyone, it’s only the addition test. Mr. Sam, please choose the addition and subtraction test! This test includes addition and subtraction of 20 numbers and there are 4 number letters in each. This test is more difficult with addition and subtraction. We’ll give him 20 seconds to solve this test with 20 numbers. It’s only 1 second for 1 number. 20 seconds start now! Immediately, Mr! Immediately! Done! I can’t believe he can do that fast. It’s so fast for such long numbers and for a child’s brain. Please show us the answer! And this is his answer… Gia Hung is so calmed- – while the whole studio is about to explode. Shall it be a correct answer? Or leave us in pity? Let’s wait and see! Please show us the answer! And this is his answer… 3 7 3 01 01 So amazing! Unbelievable! Feel scared? He wrote it very fast. This is true brain challenge. Challenge at another level. I tried typing the numbers with my phone- – I have not finished typing and he has the answer. Challenge the calculators of audiences. Toc Tien, please help me choose a multiply test! I still can’t believe. I choose the… No.8 Everyone, we’ll start now! I feel very anxious- – the time he’s doing the multiply is longer than expected. I don’t agree. Because it’s his carefulness. I like that. In the multiplication test- – it’s my weakness. So I have to re-calculate to make sure it’s correct. He needed 1 minute and 16 seconds to finish, ladies and gentlemen. The answer, please! The answer is 25,866,736 And his answer is… This test is hard so I guess if I give 5/6 correct answer, it’s acceptable. 2 5 8 6 6 73 736 Not a single wrong number letter! I just can’t explain. Scientists may have their own scientific explanation. To me, he’s an extraordinary person. A great talent, a child prodigy. Do you feel any headache? No, I don’t. I am so anxious. I love him so much. Thanh, I am so anxious, can you let me relax a bit? My heart is going to explodes. Mr. Nam, please choose a division test! Division is a very difficult test. Oh gosh! Addition, subtraction, and multiplication are already very difficult. Numbers with many number letters, they are harder. Guys, division test consists of a dividend with 18 number letters- – and a divisor with 15 number letters. I choose no.8. We have no.8 test from Mr.Nam. Please! What is that? What is that? Slowly! What? Oh my gosh! – I am going home now.
– What are you doing? Oh God! The audiences have not finished typing the dividend- – he has the answer. Gosh, I am so scared! Gosh, I just can’t believe it! Unbelievable! But it did happen! 11 seconds. I have not finished typing. 11 seconds! It took him over 1 minute for the multiplication. But just several seconds for the division. Gosh, what have you done? Keep calm! Gosh! I am going to collapse. I don’t even know how to read this number. Really! Gosh, not yet reading. I don’t know how to read that number.
Gosh, not yet reading. I don’t know how to read that number. I cannot remember the number. Let’s see the answer now! And his answer is… 6, there is a 6 7 There is a 7 and… 2 All 3 correct number letters. Miracle! How could he do that? He is human in flesh and blood. Which test? Gosh, how? Tired, I am really tired. I’m really tired. You see how good the show is? Oh my God! Oh gosh! What has he just done? He did the division faster than multiplication. It’s just too…extraordinary. There used to be other extraordinary candidates- – now he is beyond extraordinary, there are just no words to describe it. It took him only 11 seconds to have this answer, 11 seconds. Everyone, the audiences at home now- – having dinner- – if you are tired, drink a bit of Compact cherry- – to restore your mind. We need to relax for a while, we’ll be right back with the most amazing part of the show! The Brain Vietnam Welcome back to The Brain Vietnam! Our Gia Hung, he can do addition of 20 numbers with 3 number letters in each- – in 15 seconds. He can do addition and subtraction of 20 numbers with 4 number letters each in 20 seconds. He can multiply 2 numbers with 4 number letters each with the result of over 25 million- He can even do a division with a 18-number-letter dividend- – and 15-number-letter divisor in 11 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, can you do that? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s come to the part of extracting under 50 root! Toc Tien, please! Please choose an extracting root test with integer result. The answer will be an integer. No.8 test. Now he’ll extract root with an integer result. Start now! This is very extraordinary. I have not finished reading half of the number letters- – in that huge number. He has an answer. Oh my God! – 1 seconds, so fast!
– Oh God! Gosh, what is it? 63 number letters. A number with 63 number letters. It’s a big problem of only reading it, not mention to calculating. The answer, please! Why am I so anxious? I don’t dare to watch. Yeah, there is 2 There is a 2 So extraordinary! So amazing! Oh my son! A huge number with 63 number letters. It took him only 11 seconds to calculate it. What happened to you, my son? Please tell me your daily menu! Which dish do you often eat? I don’t often any dish. I am feeling so confused. Do you use much of your brain to calculate? Did you feel any stressed or tired or did you calculate happily? I calculated happily. There is only one test left. Extracting the root with the result is a decimal. For example 32.46; 15.23… That number will be multiplied itself into a huge number. Gosh, it’s extremely difficult, not as simple as an integer. And now, once again, our science judge Tran Thanh Nam, please! Please choose his final test! I choose no.10 test. Extracting root with decimal result is a real straw that broke the camel’s back. The final penalty of a match. It’s even more thrilling than watching football. – It’s like penalty in football.
– That’s it! And… The last penalty. Ladies and gentlemen! Let’s start time counting for this last test! Please, my dear! And… Time starts! Everyone, it’s 39 seconds. I don’t dare to watch. I want 4 judges to take each other’s hands in this moment. If he really can do this- – I’ll be very proud. Don’t know if he may compete til the end- – I am just so proud. Because I am his compatriot.I am a Vietnamese with red blood and golden skin.Everywhere I go, to other continents-– deep in our hearts, we cry out the same Vietnam!The answer, please! My God! Gosh, I don’t dare to watch. No, I just won’t look at it. It’s… 6.6188373927602 I don’t know how to read this number. Oh I don’t dare to look. – I won’t look.
– Oh gosh! We just need 1 first correct number letter- – it’s a decimal so the latter number letters don’t need to count. And his number is… Ladies and gentlemen, the 12-year-old Gia Hung! Gia Hung! Gia Hung! Gia Hung! The whole studio exploded and I felt highly proud. I was so lucky to be present there and witness that moment. You’re Vietnamese and you’ll surely be huge pride for this country. Thank you so much! Thank Ms. Hong Van! Mr. Lai Van Sam, please! I am so proud of you, that’s all I can say. Everyone loves you. We are all very happy and honored that you are a part of The Brain Vietnam team! In a reality show, things happen right in front of me. It stimulates our patriotism to join in the show. Because he is Vietnamese, he’s our young generation. And he can compare with any other super brain in the world. And I hope TV audiences have the same feeling watching our Gia Hung. I feel proud and touched. I’m touched because of such a calm little boy passing such 6 challenging tests- – and I really hope that Gia Hung- – you will continue developing your talent. In the next 1- or 20 years, please love maths as much as you do now,
the 12-year-old Gia Hung in front of me now. Congrats! Thank you, Ms! Why are my tears streaming now? I have never loved our country so much like this. – Proud to be Vietnamese!
– Truly! I can imagine one day he is standing at an international arena- – and he wins the 1st prize- – of such a super brain subject- – I really don’t know how to say. And his father, please come to the stage to share with the audiences- – how you brought up such a talented boy. Hello Mr! Please stand next to him! Mr, since when did you discover that your child is this extraordinary? Hello Mr.Tran Thanh, our judges, and the audiences! Since little until now, I have felt that he is very smart. I only discovered his special talent almost a year ago. Since decided to join in this show and love this subject- – he was only studying basic level of mind maths- – only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of 2-letter numbers, or extracting square root. Does it mean in the 5th and 6th tests- – he just started learning them since his decision to join in this show? All 3 last tests of division with 18-letter number and 15-letter number- – extracting root with result as integer or decimal – Has he just learned about it recently? After deciding to join in this show, he knew that the requirements are high-
Has he just learned about it recently? After deciding to join in this show, he knew that the requirements are high- He also watched other The Brain shows in the world and learned that they are all talented people- – since then, he started doing research about it several months ago. I feel highly optimistic- – in the final match that our team competing with a foreign team. We are proud to say that Vietnamese brains
can compete with the world. He himself found ways to solve math puzzles- – he did it on his own- – I could not tell him to stop digging. His hobby is playing chest for example,
I just can’t tell him to stop studying. I also have that viewpoint. Some people are born to fulfill their mission- – and it’s right in this case. Do you have any dream when you grow up? Please tell me! I have a dream of working in artificial intelligence – AI. Which profession? Artificial intelligence. Normally robots do this job. I want to do research on human Artificial Intelligence. Gosh, what is that? Now I’d like to invite Mr.Tran Phuong- – to come back on stage. Mister! Can you share with us how you feel meeting this little friend? Though I know you’ve met many prodigy kids. He comes from a normal civil servant family like millions of Vietnamese families- It’s different that he discovered his talent- – and nurtured all good conditions for his child. He nurtured his passion. If other Vietnamese families take him as an example- – we’ll have many kids like Gia Hung. The solid future of him becoming a great talent depends on many factors- – his family, society, and our whole country. If we invest into such talents like him. I hope and I believe that we won’t miss such talents. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve seen much amazement on the stage- – of The Brain Vietnam. I want to ask Mr. Tran Thanh Nam, how does he feel about this kid? Well! Thank you for the question about my emotion. There is currently a statement in my mind- What we can see in The Brain in this world- – we can see it in The Brain Vietnam. What foreign super brains have, we have more. And I strongly believe Gia Hung is a great risk for any opponent- – in this world. At that time, we didn’t need to analyze about the difficult level- Gia Hung is a great risk for any super brain opponent in the world. Here comes the score from our science judge! 135, everyone! I want to explain- – about my score for his performance. – why it’s not maximum.
-Oh yeah. He had maximum score from 3 judges. If I gave him 10, it would be the highest score of The Brain Vietnam. What I hope at Gia Hung is- – records are broken by other records. The top is conquered by higher top. And I hope your records today will be broken by you- – in the future. That’s the reason for my 9 score. Congrats, Gia Hung! A new member of The Brain Vietnam team. I’d like to ask Mr. Tran Thanh Nam and Ms.Hong Van to present our show- – to offer him the trophy and scholarship. Thank you, Ms! This is the scholarship. Ladies and gentlemen! Gia Hung – such a potential and outstanding of The Brain Vietnam team. Please come up there! Ladies and gentlemen, Gia Hung! The Brain Vietnam Everyone, we’ve known one new big pride of Vietnam. I’m sure many records are made today. I also hope Gia Hung will break his own records- – to have his name on top trending of the world. I also hope he’ll bring pride to our country- – as well as a good citizen in the future. Thank you for watching The Brain Vietnam- – produced by DID TV- – and weekly aired on 8pm on Saturday on HTV2 Vie channel. Thanks to our main sponsor Compact Cherry energy drink. Compact Cherry energy drink – always accompanies your success. Thanks to our co-sponsor Apax Learners – English for future leading generation. And thanks to Adam store for sponsoring the outfits. Thank you for watching us and see you with other talented candidates in the coming episodes! The Brain Vietnam Which faces shall bring us amazement feeling in the next episode? Shall our challenges bring troubles to the candidate? We’ll have such an outstanding performance here. But it’s not enough- – to think it’s from a super brain. Everyone is wrong. This performance is not that simple. I feel very tensed- – I can’t predict the performances in The Brain Vietnam. Look at how twisted it is! This performance used to be performed in foreign The Brain, but they failed. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. I don’t believe you can make it. Who knows it’s the motivation- – the more determination you have to prove that we’re all wrong. In Vietnam and even in the world, not many people can do this. When we don’t know what to do, don’t do anything! Because it can’t be done. I oppose that you say “Too bad” I’ve suffered too much to keep my love- About the brain, it may be more terrible, not because we failed. Everything will be revealed in The Brain Vietnam episode- – aired at 8pm weekly on Saturday on HTV2 Vie channel.

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  16. Trấn Thành là Mc đắt show nhất hiện giờ cx có lí do cả, rất biết cách điều khiển cảm xúc của ng xem

  17. Thực tế dạng toán này không khó chỉ là kỹ năng với rèn luyện à càng nhiều số chia càng dễ

  18. chương trinh thật tuyệt vời, và những tai năng quá đỉnh của người Việt. nhưng ko thích Tóc Tiên vì không hợp chương trình

  19. thí sinh xuất chúng thì không khen suốt ngày ăn no khen trấn thành vô duyên và nhục thấy ớn, muốn khen trấn thành thì xem chương trình khác đi nhé đồ dở hơi

  20. Mình k muốn tin là dàn dựng vì có bác Sâm, nhưng 11s chưa đọc xong dãy số đó nữa làm sao có thể khai căn 43 được?

  21. Dạ vâng theo như yêu cầu của đông đảo học sinh phổ thông như tui thì yêu cầu chương trình ẩn thông báo với thầy cô vì 1 tương lai không đau khổ của học sinh chúng tôi 😁😁😁😁

  22. Bé Gia Huy trong phép chia lấy 6số đầu chia cho 3 số sao là ra kết quả dễ dàng k cần phải nhớ hết số âu 649026 : 965 = 672

  23. Sao chỗ phép tính cộng lấy máy tính ra bấm thì thấy nó k đúng mọi người ạ. Rồi cái chỗ cho xem số thấy 755 mà đề ghi 752?

  24. Quá khủng khiếp. Bắt đầu như bạn số 1 vs mình cúng là quá khủng khiếp rồi, chưa kể đến như Sơn Tùng, rồi như GH nữa. Ngất!

  25. Nhưng để đi thi Quốc tế GH cần luyện rút ngắn time như kiểu siêu trí tuệ tg: phép cộng 3, 4 chữ số 3s , 4s, 5s kiểu kiểu như thế tg càng ngắn càng gắt. Còn về khai căn thì quả thực t ko thể tưởng tưởng. Chỉ có thể là ngất!

  26. Gh cần cải thiện phép nhân. Vì vs quốc tế có thể nhân nhiều số hơn rất nhiều nhưng kq gần như là tức thì . Như kiểu 7 chữ số x 7 chữ số, 7sx9s hay 11×11.

  27. Quê hương là 1 điều k thể diễn tả được bằng lời. 🇻🇳. Giọt nước mắt của nhiều ý nghĩa.

  28. Một chương trình trí tuệ và học thuật mà liên tục quay khán giả và lồng tiếng hú hét. Giống như đang xem nhạc k-pop. Thật khó chịu !

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