20 FOODS TO BOOST BRAIN POWER | Increase Focus and Improve Memory

Have you been searching for ways to
increase focus and improve memory? Do you want to stave off brain fog and lower
your risk of dementia? In this video, we’ll look at 20 plant-based foods that
can have a positive impact on brain health. Although the brain only accounts for
about 2% of an average adult’s body weight, it utilizes about 20% of the
calories we consume. With this in mind, it’s important to supply our brain with
the nutrients it needs to function optimally. The brain regulates all of the
body’s functions, and what we eat has an impact on brain health, influencing mood,
emotions, and cognitive function. This vital organ requires a wide array of
nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, complex carbohydrates,
antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals. As such, a varied whole foods plant-based
diet can help protect and improve brain function and prevent cognitive decline.
Some foods contain nutrients that nourish and support the brain, while
others affect brain function via the gut. Research continues to show that there is
a connection between our gut health and brain function. The gut microbiome can
affect our mood and emotions as well as cognition. Building and maintaining a
healthy gut microbiome can be achieved by eating a whole foods plant-based diet
rich in prebiotic and probiotic foods. In addition to the food we eat, there are
lifestyle factors that can support a healthy brain. These include regular
physical and mental exercise, staying hydrated, managing stress, fostering
healthy relationships, being part of a like-minded community, and getting enough
sound asleep. So let’s look at 20 of the top foods to boost brain power.
They all contain nutrients that can protect and improve cognitive function,
including focus, memory, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. Take a
screenshot and keep it as a reference or print it out and use it as a guide. If
you need some ideas on how you can incorporate these nutritious foods into
your diet, we have an ever-growing collection of vegan plant-based recipes
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  1. Grab your free copy of our popular new eBook “15 Ways to Live a Healthy Life” at https://bit.ly/15HealthyWays. What are some of your favorite brain boosting foods?

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