10 Common Cognitive Distortion Our Brain Makes Every Day

every day we tend to make thinking
mistakes that could prove to be harmful to our personal and professional lives
moreover these could also negatively impact our mental health we right freak
have collected ten thinking mistakes our brain makes every single day so that you
may identify and rectify them in time number one unrealistic categorization
you may tend to categorize things into two distinct groups there could be
either good or bad positive or negative or success or failure
this type of categorization is not only unrealistic but unnecessary too it is
like putting too much of negative energy when it is not required number two
believing you can read minds your brain may trick you into thinking that you can
read minds be aware of this as you surely cannot you may at times feel you
know what is going on in the other person’s mind making guesses is fine
unless they don’t start affecting your mood and your decisions number three
making a mountain out of a molehill there are times when we all tend to
overthink by doing so your brain may label a simple failure as a disaster
remind yourself that it is not the end of the world and there will be many
other opportunities to improve your current situation number for unnecessary
comparisons we have all fallen prey to comparing
ourselves with others also everyone’s path of success is different so instead
of focusing on why others have something and you don’t focus on how you can
achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams feel happy for the
accomplishments of others and do not feel inferior in front of them
number 5 focusing on the negatives there are so many of us who will exclaim that
they have had a bad day just because of one negative thing that happened to them
we will ignore the five positive things that happen to us throughout the day
this type of thinking can prove to be detrimental as you will be channeling
your entire focus on the negatives feel good about the positive aspects and work
towards eliminating the negative ones number six
generalizing situations many times our brains generalized situations we feel
that what happened once applies to each similar situation it happened once does
not mean it will keep on happening get these fears out of your minds number
seven taking everything personally it is very easy for our brains to attach
personal thought to every situation but do not draw conclusions so quickly
never overthink as it can easily turn favorable situations into unfavorable
ones number eight irrational expectations some of us have fixed
expectations about others we expect others to behave precisely as we had
anticipated expecting too much can prove to be a disaster as you will never be
satisfied number nine emotions control your
decisions there are times when we let our feelings
overpower our thoughts do a proper cost-benefit analysis so that you take
rational and wise decisions and the last thinking mistake is remaining in the
past you tend to think about your failures in the past constantly remember
your present and not your past will pave the way to success plan and strategize
so that you may achieve your goals in the future once you identify these
mistakes strive towards correcting them in time you will not only observe
positive changes in your attitude but will also feel mentally stronger what do
you think of those thinking mistake let us know in the comment section if you
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