welcome to the time of the lamp channel in this video, we will discuss 10 natural ways to stop feeling depressed Life is a burden? What’s the point? I will never be happy I have a lot of problems no exit Does any of these dark thoughts sound familiar? If you let these negative thoughts dominate you can’t get out of depression But, fortunately, if you are aware of them and want to do something with them in particular to get rid of them of course there is a way out despite the fact that the proposed methods that you will now hear will not solve your problems they can help you get rid of negative thinking and stop feeling depressed be sure to watch this video until the end it will be useful So, 1 way is to understand the emotional cycle Life is an emotional roller coaster Sometimes you feel that nothing can stop you Other days you feel completely hopeless Most of the time, you are somewhere in the middle Understanding the structure of positive and negative emotions will help you put your feelings in perspective The next time when you feel depressed just remember that this is a natural emotion that will inevitably pass Knowing that the feeling of depression is temporary makes it less terrible the next way is to spend time with positive people Nothing affects how you think and feel more than the people you communicate with I have repeatedly told you about this in my videos and every time I focus on it because I want to let you know that this is really very important Thoughts (both positive and negative) are contagious If you are surrounded by negative people, it is natural that you will start thinking and feeling the same way To improve your Outlook on life spend time with positive people Find them and try to understand how they see the world You will quickly become infected with their positive emotions the next way is to think about past success After a colossal failure, it’s easy to forget everything you’ve ever done right and achieved Take a few minutes to remember all your achievements What have you ever achieved? What are your strengths? Often, this exercise builds self-confidence helps you understand what went wrong and generates ideas for success in the future Just write down on a piece of paper all your past achievements and understand that you made them with your own hands YOU and only you Let this motivate you to move forward and not stand still the next way is to compare yourself to someone who is worse off Yes, perhaps this advice sounds strange But it’s human nature to compare yourself to someone else More often we compare ourselves with those who are ahead of us And this is the usual human factor But now, try to act on the opposite If you think that everything is bad in your life compare it to the problems of less fortunate people the problem that causes you to be depressed will not be as serious Look at yourself, you have two hands, two legs the ability to hear, see and speak 10 % of the population (if not more) does not have this option you have it!!! the next way is to change the situation One of the best ways to change how you fee is to change the environment When you get desperate, you start associating your problems with everything around you This can cause your environment to become a constant reminder of your problems The solution is to change things around you Changes don’t have to be drastic just make a reshuffle in the house and this will allow you to get positive emotions Rearrange the furniture in places , or buy a new sofa for example Break your routine Performing the same routine day after day can be monotonous and depressing This often leads to getting into a rut of depression To get out of this , you need to temporarily change the mode If you have the opportunity , take a day off Do something that you usually don’t have time for or that you’ve never tried Devote time to yourself Allow your body to reboot go to the theater or the movies Meet your friends Or just read a book that you still can’t get your hands on another way to do this is to interact with animals It’s funny how people attach great importance to their tiny problems Animals don’t think that way A small bird does not get depressed because it is not as powerful as an eagle Animals live in the present moment and unconditionally show love Observing and interacting with them will help you overcome your problems If you have a dog or cat, just spend more time with them YOU will get so much love that your depression will take a back seat Move more A rhythmic lifestyle makes everyone feel better The same applies to the movement as a whole A workout in the gym or a walk will help you get rid of feeling of depression The more excited you are, the better you will start to fee Stop being skeptical about a healthy lifestyle should you just try Think about the big picture As Carl Sagan showed with a Pale blue dot that we are insignificant beings living in a vast universe on a tiny planet In the end, everything we do will probably be forgotten and will soon lose all meaning Some may find this depressing, but it’s not exactly true This means that all our problems are small and can be solved In a million years, no one will remember what you did or didn’t do What is important is the present moment and the enjoyment of every second of life that we are endowed with Time is fleeting, and the minute that has just passed will never return so why spend it on depression? and the last way to get rid of depression is to do something to help yourself First of all, the best way to stop feeling depressed is to act What is your biggest problem? How can you make this easier? How can you solve it? what do you need to do? Ask yourself these questions Once you decide to stop moping and start moving forward you won’t have time for depression Focus on the solution, not the problem Action will occupy your mind As soon as you get the first results, you will gain momentum and positive thinking will become more accessible depression will leave you for good we have discussed with you 10 ways to help get rid of depression I hope that you have found the right way for yourself put a like, if this video was useful to you be sure to subscribe to the channel, there is still a lot of interesting things waiting for you


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