🎧[sub] 뇌 컵케이크 만들기 l brain cupcake l 서담(SEODAM)

brain cupcake 130g of butter Beat in butter until smooth 150g of brown sugar Mix until sugar is slightly dissolved two eggs Mix eggs quickly so that they don’t separate 150g cake flour 10g cocoa powder 5g baking powder Put the powder in one place and sieve it finely a tablespoon of milk Mix thoroughly so that the dough does not lump Place the finished dough in a piping bag Fill dough about 50% of muffin frame Bake at 170 to 180’c for 15 to 20 minutes 100g butter Sugar Powder 100g Mix until smooth and creamy 100g cream cheese red pigment Mix until smooth and creamy 60g water 40g of sugar 20g of lemon juice red pigment Bring syrup to a boil over medium heat Turn off the heat when the syrup starts to boil thick Place the cream thick in the middle of the muffin Decorate the cream with the shape of your brain Place syrup in piping bag and sprinkle with plenty Happy Halloween

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