【ENG SUB】《满满喜欢你》第23集 顾小满“驴与胡萝卜”表白论 All I Want for Love Is You EP23【芒果TV独播剧场】

What’s your name? I’m Zhan Yue. The guy performs quite well, but the performance of the girl isn’t impressive. In my opinion, this guy is talented. Sorry I, I follow her here. What are you doing? This is a valued opportunity for you. We are here to chase after our dream together. Have they ever showed respect towards your performance? But… No need to say anything. I will not regret about my decision. I told you before. I follow you here. Let’s go. Right Why don’t you become a comedy? I see you like laughing a lot. Cheers. Zhan Yue How cool you are! Super handsome guy. Of course. Even you look cool at that moment, it’s a pity that you missed this opportunity this time. There is nothing to regret. You and I have suffered many difficulties together. It’s meaningless if you are not eligible to be selected to the next round. But Why do you talk so much? You haven’t eaten… Nevermind. From now on, I won’t make fun of your name. Okay Zhan Yue has grown up already. Have you just realized this truth? If so, do you mean I have enough qualifications to pursue you? Stop joking. Why do you consider my sincere words a joke? Because I understand you very well. What are you doing? If you want a sip, please open the can yourself. I like doing so. Are you challenging my patience? Yes. I’m not a verbose person, I’m quite sure that I like you. No matter how annoyed and silly you are in others’ eyes, you are always the sunshine in my heart. What do you think? Yao La You’d better follow him. After making a sincere confession, you don’t chase after him. No need. If he likes me, he will find me soon. Right, you broke the curse “secret love”. You are right about speaking out your feeling. Cheers. Here is male bathroom. What are you here for? A hoodlum. What a hoodlum! A hoodlum. Why are you here? I… No, I have to tell him now. Otherwise, there will be no more opportunity in the future. Zuo An, let’s go. What happened? Zuo An I… I…I want… I… Why can’t I speak out? Did you drink alcohol, didn’t you? Because I want to gain courage. Gu Xiao Man Do you know you are becoming more reckless? You not only get involved into fights, but also break into male’s bathroom and drink alcohol. Whatever happened, you’re a medical student. Don’t you aware of the fact that alcohol harms human’s health severely? The main component of alcohol is Etanol. Except for supplying heat to human’s body, alcohol doesn’t provide any nutrition or benefit human’s health. Moreover, drinking alcohol causes stagnation of blood in the central nervous system and serious headache. Zuo An, stop talking. It’s my mistake. Go, I take you to the dormitory. No, I won’t go to the dormitory. I’m here to tell you an important truth. Okay, tell me. I… I want to tell you I Zuo An, I always feel like I’m a donkey, while you are like a carrot on my head. I have been chasing after you endlessly. Although I have put all of my efforts into this task, I never keep up with you. Zuo An, I’m serious. I have been trying my best to have the carrot which is always on my head. What are you talking about? Who is the carrot? Who is the donkey? I… Are you stuttering? Alcohol is aggressively destroying your language capability. I really have an important truth to tell you. What is the truth in the end? Is it worthy for you to shower yourself in alcohol? Do you aware of the harms that alcohol brings to your health? I say it again. The main component of alcohol is Etanol. Zuo…Zuo An stop talking. Gu Xiao Man Carrot. Zuo An, I always feel like I’m a donkey while you are like a carrot on my head. I have been chasing after you endlessly. Although I have put all of my efforts into this task, I never keep up with you. Wait. Your head is too close to my legs. What a coincidence! Water…water…water. Zuo An Right. Today, I forgot to bring my identity card. So we can’t stay there. What are you doing? Didn’t you tell me that you would sleep in the sofa? I just took your sandals to wear it in the bathroom. Gu Xiao Man, it seems hard whenever you make things work. Thank you for speaking out. Xiao Man One day and one night passed. If you keep starve yourself, you will faint. Please have some food. I never make things work out. It is certain that Zuo An now consider me not only silly but also alcohol-addicted. What should I do? My entire plan completely fails. There is no opportunity for me to make it successful in the future. How obnoxious “secret love” curse is! Why does this curse always stick to me? Don’t cry. You will find out a solution soon. Okay, Xiao Man. Are you starving yourself to death, aren’t you? Why don’t you seek a solution to solve this problem? First, please sit up. I have a solution to turn over the situation. Are you serious? If I lied, I would be a little dog. What is your solution? Let’s practice confessing. Zuo An. Gu Xiao Man, what’s wrong? I, like you. Why are you suddenly kittenish? Be generous! Zuo An I like you. You seem not feminine enough. Zuo An, I like you. So shabby. But your body has a very well-defined shape and shows off those curves well. What, what. Why are you two keeping laughing at me? Sorry, sorry. I got out of the role already. Let’s do it again. No need, you two keep making fun of me. Li Na said those words in order to comfort you and lift up your mood. Don’t be angry, Xiao Man. Xiao Man, I really didn’t do it on purpose. Look, when you haven’t succeeded in pursing Zuo An, you are lying on the bed and starving yourself. If anything bad happened to you, someone would steal him soon. Moreover, that person is possibly Sun An Ning. Do you accept such a consequence? You’re right. But I’m still not brave enough to confess. Zuo An Your book. I go first. Why don’t you come in? No, I’m busy. What makes you busy? An Ning, To be honest, the red rose last night is my gift for Gu Xiao Man. I go first. Don’t go, please. Didn’t I make it clear? Actually, you know that I like you, I always like you. I like Gu Xiao Man. You and I have been together for many years. Why don’t you like me? Why do I need a reason for liking someone? Whoever you like, it is impossible that girl is Gu Xiao Man. Both you and I well understand problems in the past. Because of Gu Xiao Man, I release myself out of the shell, and pursue my dream. I always feel guilty to you. Do you think it’s unfair to treat me like this? Have you ever thought of the reasons why you always keep a distance from me? Zuo An, do you still remember our memories? When you decided to step out of your shell, I was the person who supported you the most. Could you please think about me seriously, and look back at our memories? You and I have been together for many years. I don’t believe that you don’t have any feeling about me. Since the beginning, the person I like has always been Gu Xiao Man. It’s true that she is not talented as you are. She is a clumsy girl who has many weakness. Moreover, to be honest, she is not as pretty as you are. In spite of those weaknesses, she is the only girl in my heart. I just realized that when a girl dominates a guy’s heart, there is no room for other girls. Sorry. Don’t leave, please. Please. I want to withdraw what I said before. I won’t be arrogant. I believe that you understand me well. Since I was a kid, I have never petitioned anyone. I just want to let you know that I can do anything for you. Please. Don’t leave me behind, please. Sorry. Xu Dong Gu Xiao Man Everyone is spreading the rumor that you broke into male bathroom today morning. How do you know? Did Zuo An tell you? No, he doesn’t have time to gossip. I read the rumor on the Internet. It is said that a former hot girl was trying to attract public attention. Why are netizens so talkative? Ah, what is Zuo An doing? Zuo An went to the employees office, I guess. The employees office. Sun An Ning asked him to help her look for a book. So he’s there to find her. He, he’s out for finding Sun An Ning. Yesterday, Wang Su Yi told me that Zuo An asked him for an advice on how to confess his love to a girl. I guess, he definitely takes this opportunity to confess his love to Sun An Ning. An outstanding medical student and Miss of Medical school match perfectly. Don’t you look at the road while walking? What a psycho. Yes Is she really angry? She doesn’t pick up my calls. If I suddenly show up, she will be more angry. What should I do? When she is unhappy, there’s no way I can comfort her. Na Na. What a coincidence! Chen Chen Yang Why are you here? If I’m not here, how can I have the opportunity to see you? Are you here to find me? Do you miss me already? Why are you talking like a stranger? You and I are always close friends. What are you doing in the end? Because you and I are close friends for many years, could you please help me ask Gu Xiao Man out? What? She is drunk now and hasn’t picked up my calls, I… Chen Chen Yang, did you just order me to ask Gu Xiao Man out? Do you intend to bully me? Do you remember the first time you and I meet each other? It’s on the first day of school. To make it clear, Gu Xiao Man knows you after me. You and I separated because she stepped in our relationship and stole you. How dare you ask for my help now? Okay, okay. If you don’t give me a hand, I call Zhu Li Na myself to ask her for help. Chen Chen Yang Chen Chen Yang Gu Xiao Man Gu Xiao Man, who are you? Zuo An and I have been together for many years. How can I be defeated by you? Based on what? Okay, congratulation. Sun An Ning, did you crash me on purpose? Why don’t you say sorry when you crash others? Do you really think you can do whatever you want because you are the principle’s daughter? Today is a gloomy day. Everyone is bullying me. Gu Xiao Man, I never expect you to be this kind of girl. Chen Chen Yang She is the girl you are dreaming of all day. Since you always treat me like that, don’t blame me for hurting you. Xiao Man, it looks like a thief broke into our room. We didn’t lose anything, but all of your stuff are dug up. Hurry up and check if anything’s missing. Nothing. What’s wrong? Have you confessed your feeling to Zuo An? Right, Chen Chen Yang is looking for you and ask you pick up his calls. I got it. Who is the thief? Why did that person break into our room? How did that person get in here? In my opinion, if nothing is missing, it’s not the case that a thief broke into our room. The door is unlocked by key. Maybe that person is Sun An Ning. Are you alright? What’s wrong? I’m fine I’m just a little tired. I will take a nap. What’s wrong with her? Let her sleep for a while. Gu Xiao Man, I like you. I have been liking you for a long time. Will you accept my love? Gu Xiao Man I like you Gu Xiao Man I like you I like you Please stay by my side. How hard making a confession is! Gu Xiao Man no matter how hard it is, I will make it successfully. Right? Ning Ning, don’t cry. That guy doesn’t deserve your tears. Say something. Why do you stay silent? I told you before. She is mature now. We should allow her to solve problems herself. Allowing her to solve problems herself? I think I should pay more attention to her problems. I advised you two not to be close with Zuo An’s family. Why don’t you two follow my advice? I like him. How could I do? Although you like him, the girl he likes is actually another girl. Why are you obstinate? I’m not listening. Stop talking. Okay. If you aren’t listening, I won’t say anymore. Okay, the problem will end soon. You are the vice principal. You’d better do something when your daughter is suffering. Honey, don’t cry. Where are you going? To look for a solution. Where can I go now? Hello, Uncle Sun. Is this bunch of flowers a gift for the girl called Gu Xiao Man? I already heard of the news. Uncle, sorry. Don’t say so. Regarding love and relationship, there is no clear line between the right and the wrong. I made a clear explanation to An Ning. In my heart, I always treat her like a friend. Actually, this time, you hope you can help me loosen the tie in my heart. This tie has always existed in my heart for many years. Would you mind to share your honest thought? Zuo An Is it true that you have always considered An Ning a backup because of the misunderstanding in the past? Is it the reason why you have always been tolerant towards what she did? Uncle, I have never considered An Ning a backup for anyone. In my opinion, I should take the responsibility to look after her. But my feeling for her has always been an ordinary feeling of siblings. Many years passed. It should not be your responsibility. That was an accident. If you keep thinking that way, both you and An Ning cannot live happily. This kind of thought has a negative impact on both of you. It leads both of you to the wrong pathway and you will get lost. Forget it. The most important thing you should do now is to respect people who are by your side. If you finally arrive at a decision, go ahead and be brave to speak out. A man is only considered mature when he knows how to love others. Please enjoy your pure love as much as possible. One day in the future, you will realize that it’s not easy to love a girl sincerely. Where is the scholar? Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Scholar. Zuo An. It turns out that dream and reality are the same. So let’s put a period (.) here. Where is my notebook? Is the notebook stuck on the information board really not Xiao Man’s? I don’t know, let’s ask her. You two are here at the right time. Didn’t you say that all of my stuff was lying on the ground? Have you seen a pink notebook? That notebook is really yours. Xiao Man Your notebook is currently being stuck on the information board. Get out of my way, please. Gu Xiao Man In our university, there’s only you who studied at the same hight school with Zuo An. Is this notebook yours? Are you crazy about getting popular? Yesterday, you ran into male bathroom and then today, you reveal your personal secrets by sticking your notebook on the information board. A long lasting love from high school to university. Isn’t she the girl who fainted when facing with blood last semester? How brave she is! She is indeed crazy. Her writing isn’t bad. Will she continue writing the next chapter? Do you still like Zuo An? Lin Na Na. We are all classmates. Stop talking. It’s none of my business. She herself wrote that notebook. She embarrassed herself. Why does she need to be embarrassed? Haven’t you never liked anyone? I’m sure that someone did it on purpose to bully Xiao Man. Because she is usually arrogant. That’s why someone takes revenge on her. Everyone in our university knows that she is playing around with Chen Chen Yang. Even so, she still likes other guy. Chen Chen Yang is finally here. Turn your back, don’t look at this board. Chen Yang, why do you still not understand the situation? She is cheating on you. I told you to turn your back. Can’t you hear me? Why do I have to follow your words? Because you are embarrassed about being cheated. What did you just say? Say it again. I said you are being cheated. Gu Xiao Man Xiao Man Xiao Man, do you really care about what they said? Don’t cry, please. What? Gu Xiao Man The father-in-law himself takes his son-in-law home. Gu Xiao Man, what’s wrong? Xiao Man Say, what did you do with Xiao Man? What can I do? Because of you, she is being bullied by everyone. Did you just ask what I did wrongly? Zuo An Why are you here? Hurry up and have a look at the information board. Because of the information board, Xiao Man… Zuo An is finally here. It’s lucky that I haven’t left here. The main male character is finally here. Silly girl. Does anyone have a pen? I have one. Thank you You’re welcome. What is he going to write? Why could it turns out like this? Why could it turns out like this? Xiao Man, the weather today is very nice, let’s go out. I take you out. I take you to wherever you want. Okay? I got it. It is certain that I’m currently dreaming.

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